Sunday, June 25, 2006


F.: Persons (the non-Realized) are incapable of knowing the unicity. They believe in multiplicities and they believe they are seeing actual differences. Post-programming, all persons will believe in such concepts as “us,” “them,” “we,” “they” “right,” “wrong,” “heaven and hell,” “eternal reward or eternal punishment” and all other dualistic sets. The understanding of “not two” is lost and the false beliefs of “separate,” “different,” and “not one” evolve as the consciousness devolves.

The invitation from the Realized poet John Lennon (to “imagine there's no heaven” and “no hell below us”) is impossible to accomplish for persons who take their dualistic imaginings to be the real. Lennon’s invitation to “imagine there's no countries” and “nothing to kill or die for” is equally alien, so in the U.S. and some other locales, persons imagine that (a) people in other nations who are different are a threat and therefore (b) support the maintenance and use of a professional killing force. And the most difficult undertaking of all (for the 6 out of 6.5 billion persons on the planet who have assumed the role of “religious worshippers" or "the godly”) is to imagine “no religion” and “all the people living life in peace.” So, to know the unicity, the Absolute must be understood, and only if the Absolute is understood can one be rid of the false belief in the dualistic concepts of “heaven-hell,” “my country vs. all those other countries,” “my religion vs. all of the other religions,” and all other dualistic beliefs which foster a false sense of “separate and unequal.”

What, therefore, is The Absolute, the “THAT”? Some “attributes” of the Absolute and the Consciousness can be summarized and might help some understand exactly what the I AM well as what the THAT is (which are “not two”):

The Absolute is a field of contained, “stored” conscious-energy “at rest” with the potential to move and to manifest—that is, to relocate for a temporary period—into certain spaces.

Unmanifested conscious-energy—at rest in the Absolute field—cannot be conscious of anything but retains the potential to (a) be conscious of, if manifested and to (b) be “caught up” into one of the cyclings of energy and thereby manifest. Even then, the manifestation will happen only for a temporary period, after which it will unmanifest and rejoin the universal, limitless field of energy called (for purposes of discussion only) “the Absolute.”

The field is neither “here” nor “there” but is omnipresent. [Compare it to an ocean with all its components of H2O, some of which may remain “H20 as ocean forever” and some of which may cycle and manifest as evaporation, cloud, and rain which later returns to the ocean. See the Absolute as the ocean and see that some components of conscious-energy might remain in “the ocean of the Absolute” forever. Let all of the H20 aspects represent quantities of conscious-energy. See the H20 which “manifests” in an evaporation-to-cloud-to-rain cycle as comparable to the energy manifesting in a plant, the plant being consumed, the consciousness manifesting in the space that consumed the plant, and then the consciousness eventually being released from the space and returning to the Absolute.]

One “property” of conscious-energy is its ability to be aware of, if manifested (including the ability to be aware of itself and to be aware of what it truly is prior to manifestation and what it truly is post-manifestation).

Another “attribute” of conscious-energy is that, when it is manifested in an organism that can be programmed or conditioned, it can become bastardized, contaminated, conditioned, qualified, limited, impure, uncertain, unsure, fragmented, adulterated, and ambiguous.

Manifested conscious-energy is in movement, constantly in motion and constantly vibrating. That is why there is no such thing as “peace of mind.” There is only peace when there is no “mind.” That no-mind state can be reached during the relative existence via Realization; the no-mind state will be reached when the conscious-energy is re-absorbed into the Absolute state where it can be aware of nothing.

Conscious-energy manifests at various vibrational frequencies or rates. That is one factor that contributes to the illusions and delusions which accompany the bastardization of the consciousness: when “things” are supposedly observed by use of one of the five senses (namely, sight), “things” appear to be different. In fact, the steel beam, the dog, the tree, the bear, the bird, and the human are all the one, same, basic thing (THAT) but appear to the eye to be different because That Which they Truly Are is the one same thing (manifested conscious-energy) which just happens to be vibrating at different rates. Ego inspires persons to be attracted to the concept of “unique,” but the only “unique” “attribute” about any given quantity of manifested energy is its rate of vibration. What persons believe they are seeing with the naked eye is really nothing more than the effects of applied energy. Persons are observing nothing more than different manners of vibrations that are responding to the effects of conscious-energy being applied. Would the understanding of that fact eliminate the false belief in "separate and unqual" and also facilitate the understanding of the unicity? Please enter the silence of contemplation. [Tomorrow: The Conclusion, Part C]