Thursday, June 15, 2006


From a site visitor: “So when you wrote, ‘Only if freed of the “post-life” nonsense that was dreamed up by men thousands of years ago (and that is now taken by most men and women to be the truth) can one be sane,’ were you suggesting that everyone who believes in a physical God is insane?”

F. I am suggesting nothing. Considerations are offer so that YOU might find the truth. The pointer offered is this: to be programmed and conditioned in a fashion that encourages (a) belief in fiction and (b) rejection of fact leaves persons with no ability to reason. Unreasonable persons cannot process data and arrive at logical conclusions. VERY unreasonable persons are irrational and imbalanced, a condition that is also known as “being insane” or “being out of touch with reality.”

That having been said, it is known that the nearest galaxy to this solar system is called the “Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy.” Now, if people were to tell you that they sense there’s a human-like being residing in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy which possesses super-human powers, you might ask them how they know that. They might say, “We're a member of a group that has been around for thousands of years and it's always been known by our members. That knowledge has been passed down over the generations." [Note: To suggest their "knowledge" is "learned ignorance" will provoke attack.] But you might ask, "Can you prove that?" to which they might answer, "We don’t have to prove it. Not only have we been told by authority figures in our group about the super-powerful being in Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy, but we also sense its presence. Its form is like that of a human male on earth and He determines everything that happens in our Milky Way Galaxy. Also, we read in a book a first-person account written by a man several thousand years ago who described how he talked directly to that super-powerful being in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy. Also we feel in our hearts that He's real. That’s now our firm conviction, rooted in unshakable faith, and we’re willing to die for our beliefs. All of the above provides overwhelming proof that should not be questioned by anyone. All should unquestioningly believe what we believe and believe that He is there. And someday we'll travel to the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy and we'll all see for ourselves. Finally, here's a warning: if you don't believe in His existence before you get there, you're in for an eternal punishment.” You might then inquire: "So you're saying that I'll be punished eternally for not believing what you believe--that some human-like man/superpower lives in the Canis Major Dwarf Galaxy?" And the answer will be a resounding, "Yes!" Does the fact that their parents believe it, that they believe it, that someone claims to have dialogued with some being from another part of the universe, and that they’re willing to die for that belief have anything to do with reality? Of course not.

Hear what the consciousness said yesterday:

“Those alone who understand that I, the Absolute, am beyond the states of being and non-being realize my true nature, and all others are fools.”

That which is beyond being and non-being cannot involve being or beings, and that which does not involve beings cannot involve “supreme beings” or “not-supreme beings” or “very good beings” or “fairly average beings” or “very bad beings.”

To understand more clearly the Absolute beyond both being and non-being, imagine this: a fertile man and an ovulating woman are on a date in a restaurant. They may, at some later point in the evening, engage in an act of friction that could result in a sperm cell from his body coming into contact with an egg in her body and fertilizing that egg. Should a full-term pregnancy follow, she could “give birth” to what would be called “a human child” or “a human…being.”

But while they remain in the restaurant, is that which could potentially be a being…is it a being yet? No. And it would be totally illogical and insane to say, “Well, it’s not a being yet, but at this point it is a non-being that can be a being.” An illogical thought like that can inspire the ignorant to use such a nonsensical belief as the basis for a debate about “when life begins.”

So as the couple continues with their meal, no being exists and no non-being exists. What does exist? A potentiality. There is the potential, if our couple should end up coupling, and if the female gives birth to a child nine months later, that conscious-energy could manifest in that space. As they continue with their meal, all of the components are potentially available for beingness to happen…or not.

But what if our couple has an allergic reaction to some tainted shellfish and both are pronounced "dead at the scene" by a coroner? Because the consciousness which had been manifested in them suddenly unmanifested, neither beingness nor non-beingness exists in regards to the hypothetical child in the story. That is always the case when consciousness is not manifested: THAT which You Are is beyond both beingness and non-beingness. The Realized know that; all others have been fooled.
And what of the energy that might have potentially manifested? It still exists. What does not exist—whether in regards to the fertile female, the fertile male, or the hypothetical child they never had—is any being or beingness nor any non-being or non-beingness. Each cycle of the manifestation moving toward the unmanifest state involves dust-to-dust, breath to air, and consciousness to the universal pool of energy. Want to worship that everlasting energy? Worship away. Believe that the eternal energy has the shape of a human male or is some kind of being? You have been fooled. It is as simple as that, and AS IF living is as simple as that, too, once it is understood that any struggle to assure salvation is based in man-made, fictional concepts. Energy need not be "saved" from destruction. It cannot be created and it cannot be destroyed. That Original Understanding allows for total freedom during the manifestation which parallels the total freedom (from body and "mind" and personality) that follows manifestation. Please enter the silence of contemplation. [To be continued]