Wednesday, June 07, 2006


F.: Continuing with the vacuum cleaner analogy from yesterday’s post might help some persons understand the nature of the Absolute and the cyclings and thereby free them from anxiety and frustration and rigidity and fear and false hopes. (By the way, all non-Realized persons are dissociated, so they will claim that they have no anxiety and frustration and rigidity and fear and false hopes.) Just as with humans, once energy is manifested in a vacuum cleaner, the vacuum seems to be “doing” something, but in fact the vacuum has no choice and is merely being moved along by other forces or influences. Some vacuums can even be programmed to move about a room all alone. It would appear that a pre-programmed vacuum is making decisions and choices, but it is not. It is programmed, and as long as the energy is manifested in it, it will move about and do what it is programmed to do. So it is with persons. Again, there is only an appearance that vacuums or persons are doing something on their own when in truth they are being moved about [a] as a result of energy being manifested in a space and [b] as a result of having been programmed.

Whatever happens with a programmed vacuum is beyond its control, and whatever happens with a programmed person is exactly the same (all “good intentions” and all appearances aside). Eventually, the internal workings of the vacuum will wear out and the energy that was manifested in the space will no longer be manifested there, the same as with persons. Then, the elements that had combined to “make” the vacuum will deteriorate and return to dust, the same as with persons. For the informed who understand molecular structure, it is realized that a vacuum clearner is not at all what it appears to be, the same as with humans and with their personas. The vacuum was merely a conglomeration of elements that happened to take a temporary “shape” or form or space, just as with persons. The same elements could have as easily taken the form of a blender, an air conditioner, or the computer on which these words are being typed. The same elements could have as easily taken the form of a dog, a frog, or a heron. The “existence” of that vacuum is the same type “existence” of all persons, and the “fate” of that vacuum is the same “fate” of all persons.

Now certain persons have asked such questions as, “Surely you are not suggesting that vaccum cleaners or blenders, or frogs or herons, can be compared to humans which have the ability to love and to help others and to perform acts of kindness and to elevate themselves to noble status?” To those, the response is, “That question reveals that you are no nearer to understanding non-duality than you were on the day you first accepted a persona as a real identity.” Please enter the silence of contemplation. [To be continued]