Friday, June 02, 2006


F.: Yesterday’s post mentioned that, with the witness, an element of subject-object ‘separation’ remains: I (subject) see that (object). The Pure Witness, by contrast, functions with no subject-object aspect. Rather than observing all objectively, it observes all accurately as it ignores the limited physical realm and the distorted mental realm and turns its focus on the infinite and the real. It does not have any subject-object misunderstandings such as “I see that” but knows instead “I AM THAT.” The Pure Witness (the True Self, not to be confused with the Absolute which is beyond all self-ness and Self-ness) is aware of the Oneness so no perception of subjects vs. objects exists. The false perceptions about various dualities end and the unicity is Realized. In the vision you were invited to read yesterday, the True Self in the cave sees the following:

To your left and to your right drift millions of forms, and on closer inspection, You see that they are . . . You! Each looks to be a clone—maybe a transparent clone but a clone nevertheless—of You!

All “doingness” ends since it is Realized that there is no “do-er.” Then, the urge to go and do and zoom ends, and the Realized can just be. Whatever must happen in order for the basic physical needs to be met (which allows the manifestation of the consciousness to continue for a period) happens, but it happens spontaneously and naturally. Even after the ego-state of Super Teacher ends, teaching can happen…or not. Even after the ego-state of Super Employee ends, employment can happen...or not. Persons, on the other hand, are driven to be in control and to seek power while the Realized know the bliss of simply being “moved along,” not unlike a leaf that is being moved gently along a stream, in the flow rather than fighting the current. The joy of moving through the AS IF existence in that spontaneous and natural fashion was described thusly in the vision:

As You near the water, You automatically pivot so that Your back faces the opposite shore. Sinking shoulder-deep into the water, You feel Your feet rise. Your entire body stiffens momentarily, Your feet rise further, You float onto Your back and then You bob on the surface of the water. Now relaxed, You begin to be moved along, gently propelled toward the opposite side of the cave. Your movements just happen, no effort on Your part required. The music of the organ—ethereal and heavenly—sounds softly, beautifully; the waters are now calm and warm.

No longer is there any notion that you are “this persona” or “that person.” The I AM, finally, registers in awareness. Later, looking toward the light, it is eventually understood that the “I-Amness” is temporary and the awareness of THAT comes about. For the moment known as NOW, the I AM is known and, concurrently, the I AM THAT is also Realized. That is why, when you speak of me, you’re told to speak of me as I AM. And when you speak of Your Self, speak of That True Self as I AM also. Yet the invitation is to Realize that the Amness is only temporary, while THAT is forever. Please enter the silence of contemplation.