Sunday, July 01, 2007


F.: Yesterday, the pointer was offered that freedom and independence cannot happen (1) when persons have not been freed of that frustrated child within that is controlling the adult, especially after it becomes the brat within; (2) when persons have not been freed of the accumulation of lies they believe, an accumulation also known as “the mind”; and (3) when every word coming from their mouths is being driven by a personality formed during childhood and that is giving voice to one or more false personas.

The source of the frustrated child/brat within—that is, the residual effects of unresolved trauma that later combine with arrogance—was discussed yesterday. Today, the distortions of the “mind” and the illusions of personality will be discussed.

The “mind” supports a belief that false identities and images and personas are real. That “mind” further contributes to a lack of freedom and independence, therefore, since it generates an attachment to personality and traps people in their false personas. What is an example of the fact that every word coming from the mouths of the non-Realized is being driven by a personality (which was formed during childhood) and is being spoken by some persona? Consider:

Recently, a guest on a television show was discussing the effects of 47 million people in the U.S. not having any medical coverage. A man telephoned the show to offer his opinion, and his comments serve as a perfect example of the way that persons function exactly like a ventriloquist’s dummy. In the case of a dummy, an unseen force behind it causes the mouth to move, and the appearance is that the dummy is speaking. In fact, the voice is really coming from somewhere else. In the case of the non-Realized, it is personality/personas that are really doing the talking. The words only appear to be coming out of the mouth of the dummy, which is also the case with the mouth of the non-Realized whose bodies house the “mind” which convinces personas/false identities that they are real.

In the example of the TV show caller, he bragged that he and his wife—both sixty years old—have never had health insurance but “have done just fine.” His “mind” then worked in tandem with his personas to generate the thought that, instead of discussing the inefficiencies in the health care system, the guest on the show “needs to stop talking about the negative things in the U.S. and put out positive messages about America” because “America is the greatest country on earth.” And the caller really thought that those were ideas that he came up with and that he was sharing.

To the contrary, his personas were speaking via the mouth of the space that he takes himself to be. In enneagram terms, he is trapped in the Type Six personality and has disintegrated to the worst of the Type Three. Sixes are blindly and proudly and unquestioningly loyal to their country and their leaders, always exhibiting that “my country…right or wrong” mindset. Sixes expect others to guarantee their security (often receiving their health care from charitable hospitals and from doctors who are being paid with money from others). Under stress or driven by arrogance, those types also exhibit Type Three traits: image is everything and “my country is better than every other country on the planet” (and therefore, by egotistical extension, “I am better than the people in every other country on the planet”).

So a person places a phone call to a show, unconsciously gives voice to his Muitiple Personality Disorder, and then believes that he has expressed some profound opinion. Consider how unfounded is the arrogance being revealed…arrogance expressed by one trapped in the persona of “The Proud American.” Here is an adult male whose greatest claim to fame is the fact that sixty years ago, a particular birth canal at a particular time of delivery was located within the borders of a particular geographic region.

That is what it looks like when “every word coming from the mouth of the non-Realized is being driven by a personality formed during childhood and is being spoken by one or more personas." In addition to those personas already listed, other ego-states that were revealed include, “The Braggart,” “The Childish, Immature One,” “The Brat,” “The Defender of His Country Who Has Experienced a Personal Affront,” and “The Blind Loyalist” who is angry that the guest is discussing a crisis in “his country.”
The caller really wants to be able to control a guest (and any others who point out problems in "his country"), wants to limit what another can say and do, and wants the guest to brag about how wonderful his nation is and only discuss things that are not problems. What a useless exercise in building egotism and generating arrogance that would be (and soon will be again next week in the caller's nation). Meanwhile, the illusions of freedom and independence will be reinforced by those who are bound and dependent.

Note how his false identities result in a sense of separation and in a dualistic sense of being “better than.” Notice how the warped “mind” and the false personas generate both false pride and complete arrogance in regards to his citizenship (which he now holds in such high esteem, as if he had a thing to do with it). Notice how childhood programming that included daily pledges of allegiance to a flag and to a country now drive an adult-age male. Notice how that programming now drives him to give value to fabricating and maintaining a "good" image for his country while giving no value at all to having health insurance for himself and his spouse.
Such nonsense is common among the non-Realized who give significance to such things as geographic locations and affiliations and memberships and other concepts that sustain false identities and that support an irrational thought-life that is completely disassociated from reality. So it is when personas are the ventriloquists behind the dummies. Are you seeing that any words spoken by a false persona must also be…false? Every word that is inspired by an ego-state is either an ego-based lie or an ego-generated distortion.

What about you? Are you feeling great pride (or smugness or conceit or arrogance) because a certificate says that you were born within a certain geographic region? Do you see the sense of separation that generates? Do you see the many personas that such unfounded pride will generate? Do you see how adoption of those personas will also generate fears and desires? Are you seeing how insane-like it is when the non-Realized define themselves in terms of the arbitrary labels that have been dreamed up by arrogant and egotistical persons who are separated from awareness of Self as a result of not having a clue about Who or What They Truly Are?

Are you seeing how all of the fighting between individuals and among nations are a result of persons having accepted false identities around geographic regions and/or national boundaries and/or religious and political affiliations? Such is the source of the nonsense of the relative existence, but you can be free of all that. You can declare your independence from an inner child, from the corrupted consciousness that produced a “mind,” and from the personas that generate all sense of separation and conflict and disharmony and chaos. Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)
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