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FROM A SITE VISITOR: [See the 09 Nov 2008 postings for the e-mail being addressed]

F.: So, Abhiram, see the obstacles that you will face if you offer the teachings per your design:

1. Most persons are programmed from an early age to accept only the teachings associated with their dogma (6.5 billion on the planet claiming affiliation with one of the three religions of Abraham). They will seek nothing, believing they have already found, and if they were to hear some of the Advaitin teachings from you, they would label your teachings as “heresy” and they will label you “a sinner” or “an infidel” or “a lunatic.” Are you prepared to offer the teachings without attachment to outcome?

2. Persons are programmed and conditioned not only to avoid questioning anything that they have been told by those they accept as their “authority figures” but also to question and reject any teachings that contradict those of the "authorities." Do not expect to be greeted as a "welcomed liberator."

3. Next, the readiness is all. Even if seekers might cross your path, it is the state of readiness of those specks of consciousness that will determine if they are able to hear and understand…or not.

4. There is a certain level of intelligence that is required to understand, and that level worldwide is far below the minimum requirement in most cases.

5. Realization via the Advaita teachings leaves formerly imprisoned persons totally free. Realization eliminates the bondage of dependency and co-dependency while providing the means by which the Oneness can be known during the relative existence.

Yet how many persons truly want to be free? How many persons truly want to forfeit their dependencies? How many persons are truly willing to abandon the very co-dependencies that sustain their false identities (i.e., “wife” being required to sustain the role of “husband,” “employer” being required to sustain the role of “employee,” “protégés” or “devotees” being required to sustain the role of “the guru,” “followers” being required to sustain the roles of “rabbi” or “priest” or “imam,” etc.)?

For thousands of years, the sages have invited persons to be rid of personality, but how many have heard and followed through? The previous series discussed how personality (along with other factors) determines the way that most persons think and talk and behave. Note the way that personality inspires an attachment to dependencies and co-dependencies:

Those with the personality labeled enneagram “Type Twos” are dependent on the masses to provide the love they want, so they will have no desire at all to be free of dependencies and co-dependencies.

Those with the personality labeled enneagram “Type Threes” want universal applause and admiration, so they will have no desire at all to be free of dependencies and co-dependencies.

Those with the personalities labeled enneagram “Type Sixes” and “Type Nines” want to be taken care of by “others,” so they will have no desire at all to be free of dependencies and co-dependencies.

Those with the personality labeled enneagram “Type Seven” are dependent to the core, so they will have no desire at all to be free of dependencies unless unbearable pain and suffering drives them into “the search.”

[To understand the motives, desires, and fears that are generated by personality is to understand that only about ½ of 1% of the earth’s population have any inclination at all to seek the Authentic Self.]

Furthermore, personality types leave persons totally predictable and not nearly as unique as persons take themselves to be. Who among the persons of the planet would want to forfeit their illusion of uniqueness? If it is suggested to them that all sense of uniqueness must dissolve in order to be free and to know the Oneness, who among such sleepers will greet your sharings with anything other than derision?

Thus, Abhiram, see that sharing happens spontaneously and must happen with total non-attachment to outcome. See all of this as nothing more than the dance…as nothing more than entertainment that allows consciousness to play with consciousness for the period of the manifestation.

As for “How can the teachings be spread in a simple way?” the suggestion is to first be certain that “abhiram” has been “reduced” to the most simple, common denominator; that is, be certain that there is nothing left of what was formerly perceived to be Abhiram and that nothing IS except a witnessing speck of temporarily-manifested consciousness.

Too, be aware of a common result of sharing, namely, being drawn back into personality. Witness the pure consciousness (Pure Witness, True Self) as it speaks, but never revert to an assumption that “you” are the “speaker,” the “knower,” the “guru,” the “teacher.” Be certain that “you” are fully done with that Abhiram…done with “his body,” done with “his mind,” done with any and all of “his personalities.” Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)

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