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Whether Living Spirituality (Supernaturally), Asleep (Unnaturally), Religiously (Unnaturally), Naturally, Philosophically, Ideologically, or otherwise, WHAT DO YOU REALLY WANT? Part Nineteen

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To review: 

That which is natural is rooted in non-duality; all which involves unnatural thinking and / or supernatural thinking is rooted in duality. 

Whether speaking of Maharaj's lesser focus on the Nisarga Yoga in the beginning or discussing his near-total focus on abiding naturally in the end (as opposed to trying to live supernaturally and / or unnaturally), it is granted that all of that is relevant only to the AM-ness, but presently, what happens in the AM-ness impacts every person far more than anything to do with the THAT-ness. 

So, to continue with excerpts from the book Why NISARGA YOGA in addition to the Advaita Teachings? as considerations about the Nisarga (natural) fashion of abidance are offered:

The Three Legs of "The Journey," Part Three 

As the consideration is offered here that it the AM-ness that is to be impacted via the "journey," consider the way that Malte in Germany answered this question when he was taking the online Advaita classes: 

Assignment: Discuss this quote in terms of the Advaita understanding: 

"Regarding one character in a Michael Connelly novel: "He was long past believing in God—the horrors he had seen documented had little by little sapped his stores of faith. And in those seemingly final days, as his own heart withered and tapped out its final cadences, he did not grasp desperately for his lost faith as a shield or a means of easing the fear of the unknown. Instead, he was accepting of the end, of his own nothingness. He was ready. It was easy to do." 

Malte wrote: "The character of the novel obviously has identified himself with the supernatural "Religious Personality" for some time of his life. There was a time when he believed all the lies about a God who´s managing everything for "the Good of All". But then he saw the facts about what harm religion has done to humankind and realized that what he believed in was all BS. 

"So now, as the time of death is near, it´s easy for him to let go because he knows that he doesn´t have to be afraid, for it has been religion which made him see a snake where there´s only a rope. He knows nothing will be left of him when he dies. This is Peace. 

"When understanding Advaita one knows that one doesn´t have to wait until one dies to live in the state of nothingness and peace. One can as well die now (the death of the self) to abide for the rest of the manifestation without any concepts and to live naturally / spontaneously." 

See? It's about finding the manner that allows for the abidance to happen fearlessly and sanely and logically and peacefully and naturally and spontaneously . . . NOW. 

The Thought-Word-Deed Roots of Duality and Insanity 

Earlier, this was noted: 

"It was seen that as far as what matters NOW - namely, the relative existence - that words are significant and that words are either words of Love (based in an awareness of the Oneness) or they are words of fear, which can trigger any of the subsets of fear: jealousy, anger, depression, etc. 

"When that happens, words become vile and generate a sense of separation rather than a sense of the Oneness and Love, and only a sense of Love will end your depression or your roller-coaster shifts in moods. 

"It was seen that generational chains of acculturation can be broken in one instant when one seeker shifts to knowing the Oneness, to understanding Love, to showing Love, and then not settling for just a show of Love (which can include hugging) but including as well an overt, verbal expression of Love as well." 

Decades of this relative existence have provided an opportunity to witness, both in a Subject-Object fashion and in a Pure Witnessing fashion; so yes, there have been people observed who said that they will use any words they like and anyone not liking whatever they have to say "can go to hell." 

Further witnessing eventually revealed that those persons who made that claim were full-blown sociopaths. Others along the "journey" have taken that stance temporarily as they identified with THAT solely, which is just another false identification which will drive persons - even earnest seekers - to draw erroneous conclusions about what the teachings imply and what the teachings do not imply. 

One conclusion drawn by those types is that "nothing relative matters so I can talk to people any way I like. Who cares?" Maharaj cautioned against such any attitude which leads to the careless use of words. To the contrary, the full understanding brings with it an understanding of the Oneness and Real Love and an ability to differentiate between nonsense and wisdom.

Never has "full realization" resulted in one becoming a sociopath; never has it resulted in not caring about those suffering; and never has it inspired anyone to add to anyone's suffering by hurling vile words of hate or contempt or anger at them. 

Thus, a discussion of words is as suitable a subject as any to make clear the fact that Realization does not negate the relative . . . it clarifies it, it brightens it, it colors it beautifully. And that is natural. The significance of words, relatively speaking, is that they are the second of two factors that contribute to all actions. 

First, there is a thought; then, the thought is expressed with words; only then does an action take place. Thought-to-word-to-deed is the continuum that leads to every action that persons take.
This explanation was offered in the past: 

Because thoughts (the content of the mind) control words and because words—in turn—control deeds, then the words used during the relative existence exert tremendous influence over behavior among non-Realized persons. 

For example, certain racist men living in Jasper, Texas in the late 1990's were members of a white supremacist group, all of whom had the thought that they were better than non-whites. They often verbalized their belief, speaking words of hatred and arrogance. 

Eventually, their deed followed: three of those men kidnapped a black man, James Byrd, Jr., and would take him to an isolated area nearby. There, they beat him, chained him to a pickup truck, and dragged him behind the vehicle for two miles. In the process of killing him in that manner, they tore off his head, his neck and his right arm. 

THEIR THOUGHT: Whites are better than blacks. 

THEIR WORDS: “We are better than black people. They are inferior to us.” 

THEIR DEED: The murder of a black man. 

All deeds are directly preceded by words, and all words are preceded by thoughts. Is it any wonder that Maharaj cautioned against the careless use of language? 

Yet do not conclude that 50% of all actions result from thoughts and 50% from words. Nonsensical talk could not happen were it not for the nonsense stored in “the mind” which is constantly cycled and recycled among the non-Realized as thought after thought after thought. 

Additionally, there is no need to cut off the tongue and lips and discard them in order to put an end to the nonsense being verbalized millions of times per day across the planet. 

The requirement is to cut out the nonsensical thinking by discarding the contents of “the mind.” When nonsense is eliminated at the source (called “the mind”) then it cannot manifest via the mouth. 

If there is no constant running of the mind, then there can be no constant running of the mouth. Is it becoming clear why the Realized spend so much time in the silence? Is it clear that those who have to talk the most are the most removed from Reality? 

Is it clear why the truth can be known but cannot be spoken? Is it clear, therefore, why most of what is spoken is to be ignored because it is false? For nonsensical words and deeds to end, persons must be rid of their belief in the concepts and ideas that generate the thinking which leads to nonsensical talking and nonsensical behaviors. 

Yet in cultures where “freedom of speech” is endorsed over freedom of silence—such as in most Aryan, Anglo-Saxon cultures—then talking flourishes, talk radio flourishes, talk shows on television flourish. And they all add to the already-widespread dissemination of nonsense across the globe. 

There is a "Vocabulary of Realization." It is a vocabulary which is based in an understanding of the Oneness, the unicity - the actual unity beyond the seeming multiplicity - and Real Love and wisdom. It is a vocabulary which contains nothing intended to make anyone feel miserable but is, instead, a vocabulary which can lead to the end of suffering. 

The Advaita message has become so distorted over the years that now there is as much misunderstanding around (a) realization and what a sane and sound post-realization existence looks like as there is around (b) what is taken to be real prior to realization. 

Once the results of the thought-word-deed continuum are seen clearly, then the need to reach a no-mind-no-thought state becomes clear; and once the relative impact of the use of (1) vile words vs. (2) post-realization words pointing toward Love and the Oneness is understood, then the relative significance of words is understood as well. 

Again, realization for the sake of realization - or for the sake of bragging about "being realized" or "better" or "Supreme" or "special" - is useless. If the understandings which come via realization are not overlaid on the relative existence (that is, if the understandings are not "applied," even as there is no belief in an "applier") 


if a natural and spontaneous manner of abiding does not end all unnatural living and all efforts to live supernaturally and magically, then realization (freedom from all learned ignorance, per Maharaj) has not happened and all efforts to that point has been a waste of time and energy. 

Thus the pointers earlier regarding words. If "full realization" has happened, then the answer to, "So why do words matter?" is clear: Words that do not deal with Peace and Love and the Oneness indicate that thoughts are present, and the presence of thoughts are a deeper problem, relatively speaking, indicating the presence of a "mind" and mind-supported personas which generate thoughts and which eliminate any possibility of knowing the peace of "Presence Only." 

To hear words from a person (as opposed to when the consciousness speaks) is to know that thoughts were present first, and thoughts only originate from ego-states which are supported by the falsehood-filled "mind." 

When the consciousness speaks, it speaks words of Love - words revealing an understanding of Real Love, of the Oneness - never words of hate or words that reveal a sense of separation or belief in subjects and objects. Moreover, when the consciousness speaks, it speaks words of wisdom.

Words that express anything else indicate that Love is not understood, indicate that the Oneness is not understood, and indicate the absence of wisdom which sets the stage for the development of a mind which support the lies which some thought-generating, words-generating, egotism-supported persona is inspiring. 


Grandmother's Cherokee vocabulary had no words for "royalty" as opposed to "peasants"; "ownership"; "entitlement"; "loss"; “separation”; or “giving” and “taking” (because there was no “my” or “mine”). Recall the non-dualist John Lennon's take on "possessions"? 

If realization were to be widespread, then there would be “no heaven above, no hell below, no countries, no religion, no possessions, and no greed" . . . just specks of consciousness “living for now as one” . . . as “not two.” 

Similarly, the "realized reverend" mentioned yesterday, Jim Rigby, cautions "the religious" and "the spiritual" to be conscious of the words they use, including the words they use to talk about "God"  and including other words which should be purged completely.

He calls on persons to consider the effects when they and their children are conditioned to accept false beliefs about what "God" is like, beliefs which are transmitted by use of ill-conceived words which allocate human-like and often patriarchal qualities to their "God." 

Jim points out that when persons become comfortable with a white, male, patriarchal concept of God, then it's easier to accept oppressive beliefs which are rooted in pro-white, pro-male, pro-patriarchal beliefs and which, therefore, set the stage to normalize speech which is racist, anti-women's rights, anti-abortion, anti-gay, etc. That is why he issues an invitation for the religious to purge all sexist language, whether it is used during the week or in church. 

[Of course, the same applies to those visiting mosques, synagogues, temples, etc. F.H.] 

Jim explains that such words and concepts are "like cancer," and who only wants some of her or his cancerous cells removed as opposed to having all of them? All sexist language must go, whether referring to other humans or to a deity. 

Thus he warns against using the term "Father" to refer to a conceptualized "God" because that also conjures up for most an image of a white (or brown, or yellow, or black?) patriarchal male. 

He is especially passionate about purging from the vocabulary which the religious or spiritual use the word "Lord" when used to refer to a God or Savior. Why?

He notes that the term has long been associated with persons of "privilege and with landowners who are white, rich, and powerful males" (and he notes that all of that is what Jesus criticized and is the exact opposite of what he endorsed). 

[If interested in hearing from Jim directly on the subject, you might listen to at least the first few minutes of the talk linked below. You'll need to click the white arrow to start the video.

So why else do words matter? Well, why does an x-ray revealing the presence of lung cancer matter? Why does blood in the urine matter? Why does a pain in the chest matter? 

As far as the Absolute is concerned, none of those matter at all. But does the summative statement "I AM THAT; I AM" suggest that the AM-ness - and the relative things which happen during the AM-ness - should be ignored? Quite to the contrary. 

The fact is that those medical signs mentioned above reveal that a relative problem exists, within. The same applies when vile and mean and peace-breaking or sleep-talking words are spoken. They reveal a relative problem, within, and if the relative problems within need not be addressed, then all teaching of non-duality should cease immediately. 

As long as the AM-ness is on-going, all of that matters, relatively speaking. The x-ray and blood and pain referenced above reveal sickness - reveal an internal cancer or growth or organ malfunction - and all of those are calling out for treatment. The evidence is showing that, relatively speaking, there are some things inside that need to be excised or addressed. 

Words which reveal the presence of anything other than True Love and wisdom and an understanding of the Oneness are also indicators of sickness within . . . of the Ultimate Sickness within. They are calling out for the Ultimate Medicine, though the infirmed seldom realize that they are infirmed. 

Thus, the number who will ever complete the entire "path," realize fully, overlay Reality on the relative, and thereafter abide in a sane and sound and logical and Loving and Caring fashion is an infinitesimal number. So it is, but so it need not be. 

[Jim's talk on the words which dominant religious talk, the use of which needs to be abandoned.]

A break of a few days will be provided to allow time to consider the pointers offered so far in this series in some posts which have been of lengths which are somewhat longer than usual and - if interested - to view the videos linked in recent days and consider the implications of the pointers offered in those as well. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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