Friday, January 20, 2006


F.: Posted yesterday from a site visitor in New Orleans, LA, U.S.A.: “I found your site recently and thank you for the insight you offer. Now, my question: the mayor of our city has announced that the storms which hit the region last year were sent by God out of anger. I find that hard to believe. Your thoughts?”

Here are additional considerations in lieu of thoughts:

A. Is it possible that, if persons have a concept of an angry God, they’ll believe others who claim that naturally-occurring disasters are supernatural in origin?

B. Is it possible that, if the majority of persons in a culture have a concept of an angry God who chooses followers of one religion over another—even if they all claim to be worshipping the same god—you’ll have religious wars that span several millennia?

C. Is it possible that, if the majority of persons in a culture have a concept of a co-dependent God (meaning a god whose moods shift constantly as a result of what humans do), you’ll have some instances where people die of natural causes but their deaths will be attributed to a god’s lethal anger and unstable disposition?

D. Is it possible that, if the majority of persons in a culture have a concept of a god that is angry and destructive and warlike, you’ll have angry, destructive, and warlike persons among his followers?

E. And is it possible that, if the majority of persons in a culture believe in 4000-year-old angry-god concepts dreamed up by men, you’ll see persons murdering all of those who refuse to fight in the name of their god and all of those who offer a truly peaceful, Advaitan message of oneness, of the falseness of dualities like heaven and hell, and of equality?

1. Christ: “No one shall ever see heaven—it’s within.” Killed.

2. M. L. King, Jr.: “We are all one…equal.” Killed.

3. John Lennon: “Imagine there's no heaven…it's easy if you try. No hell below us, above us only sky.” Killed.

If one worships a killer god, then all killing can be justified and explained away as "the will of god." The instrument of mass killings may be God-OK’d bombings, God-ordained flying of jets into occupied buildings, God-approved invasions of other nations, God-orchestrated storms, or God-created floods, fires, earthquakes and all the subsequent death and destruction. Two considerations are, first, “WHO (what ego-states) would seek alignment with such an entity?” Secondly, “If you are Realized, how grateful are You for knowing that no such entity exists, thus allowing you the freedom to be sane and rational as well as free to live an AS IF existence without trying to please an entity that suffers from bi-polar disorder, obsessive-compulsive disorder, and co-dependency?” Get yourself some angry, destructive people, allow them to come up with a dualistic concept of a god created in the image of man, get persons to buy into that concept and become dedicated to that entity, and you’ll be assured a continuous supply of angry and destructive persons as the programming and conditioning is passed down from one generation to the next.

Now some who have suffered mentally or emotionally from worship of that angry god believe that the solution is to come up with a new concept of a god that is not "a killer" but is "kind" instead. The old concept was dreamed up by persons. The new concept is dreamed up by a person. Yet in all cases, dreamed up concepts are dreamed up concepts…ideas that must be cast aside if the truth is to be seen. Advaitic teachings invite protégés to think “outside the box.” Typically, persons dealing with a confusing concept of a god think, “Well, if I don’t like 'their' concept of god, I’ll come up with a new concept of my own.” That makes as much sense as saying, “Since the snake in the rope is making me fearful and miserable, I’ll going to stop believing it’s a cobra in a rope and start believing that it’s just a rattlesnake in a rope.” Cast aside all concepts if you would be free.

Bliss only happens in the absence of all ideas, dogma, emotional intoxication, and beliefs. (One need but see that more people have died from religious wars and religious persecution than from any other cause except natural events. What they say can sound very good, but what they do speaks far louder than their words.) It should be clear why those with all their concepts have no chance at all to know the bliss and are thus driven to engage in the fighting and/or the killing instead. Let zero concepts be your goal. Again, the journey to sanity—to being in touch with reality—begins by questioning it all and discarding it all. Please enter into the silence of contemplation. [To be continued]