Wednesday, November 22, 2006


From a site visitor: [Received November 21st] Found your site a day after you started postings to Vigneshwar and got “hooked”, but I’m writing about something else. I never understood the idea that I am not in the world, that the world is in me. In one simple line you cleared that up and helped me grasp what that really means. It moved me to a new level. Thanks, John.

F.: You’re welcome, John, and welcome to the site. You provide an opportunity for an elaboration on pointers about personality identification and “the world.” A new book entitled LIBERATION (Attaining Freedom from Personality via Realization) discusses the nine dominant personas that drive persons and explains how persons can transcend those false identities and thereby be free of the debilitating effects (relatively speaking) of personality identification. Your comment about now understanding the illusion of “the world” is a reminder of the link between the nine basic personality types and the belief that persons have about “their world.” There is a 1:1 correlation between (a) the illusory beliefs and perceptions that each type has about “the world” and (b) the behavior that follows.

The Perfectionist wants to reform the world. The Helper wants to help the world or save the world. The Performer wants to use the world to reinforce his/her self-image. The Romanticist wants to idealize the dreamy or idealistic parts of their world and ignore the rest. The Investigator wants to understand the world. The Loyalist wants to be supported by the world as a reward for her/his loyalty. The Adventurer wants to use the world for entertainment. The Boss wants to control the world. And the Peacemaker wants to bring peace to the world (primarily so that he/she is not bothered).

Do you see, in addition to faulty programming and conditioning, why the population of the planet is so insane when trapped in their personality identification and in their belief in “the world”? Like Quixote jousting with windmills, those out of touch with reality think that they can reform a mirage, can help a mirage, can use a mirage to meet their desires, can get some concrete benefit from a mirage, can have a mirage support them, or can control a mirage. Such is the dream of the planet; such is the insanity of humans trapped in personality.
Those trapped in personality insanely believe that “their world” is real, believe that it is exactly as they see it, believe that their perceptions about “the world's” needs are accurate, and arrogantly believe that they can either provide what “the world” needs or can control “the world.” Of course the majority become mad and maddened. Consider how few persons will ever Realize and have peace as long as they are lost in the dream of the planet and believing they can change the world, save the world, understand the world, use the world to meet their individualized desires, control the world, or bring peace to the world.

A fictional world that only exists in the “mind” of personas is driving conduct and setting persons-against-persons as their conflicting perceptives and motives dominate them and control them. Again, it is as if someone sees a mirage in the road ahead and swerves off the road and over a cliff in order to avoid the mirage. So it is when persons are being driven by their (false) personality and are being driven by their (false) beliefs about the way the (false) world is and are being driven by their (false) desires and (false) fears that are generated as a result of their (false) perceptions about the (false) world.

The antidote for the misery and angst and suffering that is generated by personality and a belief in “the world” is Realization. Please enter the silence of contemplation.
“Your blog today [received November 17] talked about there’s no eternal reward or punishment, I feel sorry for you. Your turning your back being saved. Your lost and your causing other people to be lost and if you do not change, you will be lost for eternity and you’ll find out that punishment forever is real.”