Thursday, November 02, 2006

THE RESULT OF THE DUALITY OF “GOOD VS. BAD”: Inventing Gods in the Image of Man, Part Three

“Heaven and earth shall fade away” and “When you speak of me, speak of me as I AM ” and “Before Abraham was, I AM” and “No one will ever see heaven because it's within” and “Dual-minded persons are unstable in all ways”
From a site visitor: [Received 22 October ‘06] "You quoted Maharaj today. If he really said what you said he said, he basically said that god is just an illusion made up by man. He’s wrong if you believe him you’re wrong.”

F.: Children ask, “OK—so you say that God made everything, but where did god come from?” If you understood yesterday’s post, you can now answer that question honestly instead of parroting the scores of insane responses that programmed parents give to their children (as they unconsciously program their children as well); however, that practice will not end since exposure to actual facts very seldom has any effect on the billions of persons who are so proud of their blind faith.

Therefore, billions of persons today believe in the god invented by Abraham, a god that is nothing more than a combination of an ancient creator god with an original sustainer god and with an old destroyer god. In making that combo god, Abraham simply invented one more god to be added to the very long list of gods invented by men. With that invention, he set off a chain of events that would lead to the abandonment of the belief in all of the gods that people had believed to exist; however, by claiming that there is only one god that was doing all of the things that had been attributed to multiple gods, he created the current version of an all-powerful, all-knowing, do-it-all god that is believed in by most of the people on the planet. And that god is an unpredictable god that suffers from a co-dependency disorder, causing him to be pleased at times by "his people" but made sad or angry on other occasions by his children on earth. [Reports are that he has been so angry that he opened the earth and swallowed up thousands one day, that he allowed 100,000 to be killed in one battle another day, and that he finally got so mad that he committed mass murder…killing all of the people on the planet except for one family.] Young children recognize the contradictory nature of the god of Abraham and ask, “Mommy, if he loves me unconditionally, why would he place conditions on me that if I fail to meet will cause him to burn me forever?” Such questioning of blind faith in insane beliefs typically results in punishment that beats all clarity and reason into abeyance, so the result is that adults end up being far less sensible and reasonable than children.

Thus, all people today are atheists, including the one who wrote to this site to report that Maharaj is wrong about people inventing god. All are atheists, no longer believing in the original creator god or in the original sustainer god or in the original destroyer god; however, most do believe in the one god of Abraham—the one god now worshipped by Jews, Christians, and Muslims—who (they have been told) cares enough to create them, loves them enough to sustain them, but does not love them so much that he’ll shy away from destroying them and punishing them forever. [Nowadays, it is reported that the god of Abraham kills with hurricanes, with planes flown into buildings, with bombs intended to shock and awe, with cars driven by drunken drivers that killed a five-year old girl "because god needed another precious angel in heaven," or with scores of other original methods of celestial-controlled murder. It is a short step from the nonsense and irrationality of inventing a god to the nonsense and irrationality of inventing tales about what that god is doing and why things happen as they do with that god in charge.]

Yet you write to this site to express your belief in such a self-contradictory invention, an invention that is rooted in ancient myths and that is steeped in duality? It is that kind of blind faith in lies—lies that are rooted in ignorant superstitions—which prevents most of the earth’s population from ever understanding the non-duality message that Christ offered to the Jews and that is now being ignored by those who claim to be “following Christ.” In rejecting his Advaita teachings, priests and preachers either ignore or put a spin onto the meaning of such Advaita pointers as “Heaven and earth shall fade away” and “When you speak of me, speak of me as I AM ” and “Before Abraham was, I AM” and “No one will ever see heaven because it's within” and “Dual-minded persons are unstable in all ways.” And by not knowing the unicity of which he spoke, his "followers" today advance the cause of separation and duality while speaking of unity...just as the other two religions of Abraham are doing.
So the world is now dominated by persons who are addicted to one of the three religions that are enamored with blood-letting, from the Jews' early blood sacrifice of animals, to the Christians' killing of a son after drawing blood with a crown of thorns and a pierced side and nails driven through hands and feet and now their drinking of his blood on a weekly basis, to the Muslims bloody self-flagellation with spiked maces and steel chains. Such is the degree of nonsense and inconsistency that mars the relative existence with the chaos that always happens when persons accept as truth the teachings of duality and when persons haven’t the slightest understanding of non-duality. And to the one who wrote to this site: can you set aside the ideas you have about your conception of god--a concept that might look good on paper--and consider the actual effects of the belief in that god of Abraham which you share with those religious or spiritual persons? Please enter into the silence of contemplation.
TOMORROW: The Conclusion