Monday, November 12, 2007


RECEIVED YESTERDAY FROM SITE VISITOR GINNY: Jnana yoga traditions were an intoxicant for me and I'm far from Hindu by birth so I can imagine Vignesh's surprise at your response to his queries. I assume many are "put off" by the bluntness of Truth. So many years of study must, has to be, worth something? But, no. Today I laughed at length about my irrelevance and enjoyed the freedom that "knowing" this brings. There are no words-of course-but there is the wink of understanding that lifts me out of all this miasma / mind. "I" just don't matter and can get out of my own way. Light dances too! Ginny

THE RESPONSE: During the early stages of this 18-year period of offering pointers, a certain “almost celestial sweetness” seemed to characterize the approach. At the point when doctors began predicting the end of the manifestation, a shift occurred, as with Maharaj. “Time” became “of the essence.” Delay was no longer an over-abundant “commodity.” Now, it is known that persons who are deeply asleep must be shaken if they are to awake. Who that is in deep sleep, though, wants "floyd" or anyone else to come along and shake them and disturb their sleep? Few. Yet that is the direction the re-purified consciousness has taken, and “i” just sit back and witness.

Too, the “bluntness” is in pointing out the lies rather than in pointing out the Truth. Once belief in lies comes to an end, the Truth, as You know, is made clear via the re-purified consciousness. Your observation is factual, though: most are surprised when they first hear that their sacred cows are just generators of so much ca-ca. Offense usually follows, so pointers are ignored. So it is.

The joy and freedom after seeing “irrelevance,” You have clearly explicated. What can also be seen is an evolution in the observations that are flowing from that speck of consciousness called “ginny.” No real surprise, since it happened with that speck called “Maharaj” and with this speck called “floyd.” Enjoy. Peace and Light and (now that it can be understood) Love, f.

FROM A SITE VISITOR: [Please see the 02 November 2007 post for the e-mail which is being responded to today]

F.: (The exchange continues): Next, the suggestion is to forget what “floyd” knows or what any “guru” knows or what any self-professed religious or spiritual person claims to know or what Vignesh think he knows. Instead, consider the invitation to start anew; to use sane, sound, logical reason this time around; to see all that is false and to reject it. Then the Truth—which cannot be stated—will spring forth via the re-purified consciousness.

To accept that there are some writings that are “holy” and many that are not is dualistic. To accept that some men were “holy” writers and most are not is also dualistic. Anyone can write anything and can claim anything. None of what is claimed or written and labeled as “holy” bears any significance at all.

The understanding is within You, not within “holy” books, and You can access it via the inner resource or inner guru. All that an Advaitin teacher can provide are pointers that invite the removal of the obstructions that prevent accurate seeing. Those obstructions are actually concepts and beliefs which are often printed in books considered “holy” or “different” and that followers are requested (or required) to accept as “truth.”

In the absence of all factual evidence, and quite to the contrary of reason, persons are programmed to accept such concepts and beliefs based on “faith.” To claim that “I believe this based on faith” or “I believe that based on faith” is not to say that you have intuitively accessed your beliefs. (In fact, there are no “your” beliefs. There are only “their” beliefs which you have adopted and then took to be your own.)

Instead, to profess that you believe anything by faith is not to say that you believe what you have always known intuitively but that you have faith in the words of other people who dualistically claim that they are “holy” or “different” and know something that you do not know but that you need to know and believe.

The Advaitin teacher will never invite you to know what she/he knows. The Advaitin teacher will never tell you that there is “so much more that you need to know.” The Advaitin teacher, if Fully Realized, will never tell you that he/she is “spiritual” or “holy” or that his/her words are holy or spiritual words.

Instead, that teacher will suggest that all of your spiritual knowledge is learned ignorance and will invite you to de-accumulate what you have accumulated (including all beliefs and ideas and concepts).

Further, if there were a God or Divine Spirit or anything else that created and arranged this universe and the humans that have populated this planet, then the logical question would have to be:

“If the people of planet earth and their conduct (both historical and current) were observed objectively, could you possibly be impressed with a supposedly all-powerful god that nevertheless allowed the decimation of 150,000,000 people in order for his worshippers to establish a nation in his name?

Who allowed inquisitions and torture and murder in his name? Who allowed a holocaust involving two groups of his worshippers? Who allows such widespread disease and genocide and torture and suffering during an existence that is forced upon persons by no choice of their own? Who tolerates continuing wars among his followers, all of whom are killing in his name?”

In fact, there is no god that allows that, so there is no god that can stop that. Nor is there any teacher or prophet or preacher or priest or rabbi or imam or guru or religion or movement or philosophy that will put an end to all of that either. Freedom and peace come to one seeker at a time, not to one planet at a time.

Therefore, no wholesale change will ever happen that alters the human condition which, when driven by ego and fear and desire, will result in such happenings as those referenced above. The historical pendulum will swing in a way that allows dark ages to occur with intermittent periods of enlightenment, but that pendulum will always continue to swing as long an humans walk the earth.

At best, only a very small fraction of the planet’s population will ever be awakened at the same time. Thus, the invitation is to focus less on any cosmic understandings that might be derived from a study of the Advaita Teachings, to transcend the spiritual and religious stage, to reach a state of Full Realization, and then to enjoy the peace and freedom of the remainder of the manifestation.

Such peace and freedom can only be known during the relative existence, so if it is peace and joy and freedom and happiness that is being sought, find it and enjoy it NOW, for NOW is the only chance that exists for that to happen. Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)


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