Tuesday, April 29, 2008


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F.: Many e-mails arrived, asking for clarification of an earlier pointer. Several felt they were on the cusp of understanding something they have missed earlier and asked for further clarification of this:

When the body called “floyd” visits certain places in Western Europe, what, other than the consciousness alone, is enjoying the flavor of food or the ambience of certain locales or the company of those who label themselves “friends” or “acquaintances”?

Were the body to be subjected to a continuous drip of anesthetics, blocking the consciousness from being conscious of those flavors and that ambience and the company, could anything be enjoyed? No.

In the village of Beynac in southern France, Chef Bruno prepared evening meals that were enhanced with sauces that pleased the palate. If the “body called floyd” were subjected to the influence of anesthetics, the body could be carried to Bruno’s dining room and propped up in a chair.

Then, someone could have rubbed Bruno’s sauce-enhanced entrĂ©es across the mouth and tongue, but there would be no enjoyment of the sauces or the entrĂ©es. The consciousness would still be present, but there would be no conscious-of-ness in that state.

The point is that it is not the body or the “mind” that enjoys whatever is being enjoyed…it is the manifest consciousness alone. There is no WHO that enjoys anything. There is no body that enjoys anything, there is no “mind” that enjoys anything, and there is no personality/person who enjoys anything. Any “registration” of joy happens via the manifested consciousness.

Yet note that this consciousness is a dual-edged sword, post-programming and conditioning and domestication and enculturation. It is that same consciousness which allows Bruno’s sauces to be enjoyed that also allows a suffering body to be witnessed; that allows mental misery and suffering to be witnessed; and that also sets the stage for personality-driven suffering and misery to manifest.

Seekers are seeking to be fixated in some state or condition that is marked by stability and peace, yet the dual-edged sword of consciousness (once subjected to programming and conditioning) will never allow that to happen.

It will guarantee instead that fluctuation and instability are “experienced” as persons think they are “the experiencers” and “the do-ers” and “the deciders.” All the while, their every thought and word and deed is being blindly driven by the formerly pure consciousness that has become warped or blocked.

To be led by beliefs in lies and concepts to try to abide in the consciousness and to take the relative as real is to be trapped in the duality of that dual-edged blade.

There is no relative stability. There is no relative peace. There is no “peace of ‘mind’.” Stability and peace and freedom from belief in the lies that are stored in what is called “the mind” is the “stuff” of the Unmanifest.

Stability and peace and freedom can also be the “stuff” of this manifestation if the consciousness is transcended, if You come to Realize Your original nature, and if You dwell as that natural state…NOW. Please enter the silence of contemplation.