Sunday, April 06, 2008

Beyond Beingness and Non-Beingness, Part Five, The Conclusion

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FROM A SITE VISITOR: Thursday, you used the terms beyond the beingness and beyond the non-beingness. Can you explain. Thank you.

F.: [Continued from yesterday] Recently, sinus problems among several have progressed into sinus and/or bronchial infections. Treating the symptoms had no effect. Antibiotics were required in each case in order to address and eliminate the real problem.

So it is via the Advaita approach. One can try to address the assortment of relative “issues” which persons believe to be “the real problem” (such as those mentioned in the e-mail that was the basis of the series prior to this one). Yet those issues are but symptoms of the problem, not the problem itself.

At the root of the issues that persons (the non-Realized) take to be real are the personas they have adopted as a result of the consciousness having been warped or blocked. In taking those personas to be real, and as a result of entrapment in body-mind-personality identification, desires arise. And when false identities dream up desires, accompanying fears also manifest.

For example, one might have a desire to adopt the persona of “The Spouse” in order to “have” a mate who will fulfill every expectation ever dreamed up about what a “good relationship” looks like…for “as long as they both shall live.” Eventually, it becomes obvious that all of the things desired are not manifesting or not manifesting regularly:

“He has a wonderful work ethic” becomes “He’s a damn workaholic”; “She’s so sweet” becomes “She emasculates me”; “We never fight” becomes “We never communicate”; or “He’s the best lover imaginable” becomes “He’s a maddening, insatiable sex fiend.”

As the beingness is identified with, later the being a spouse, being a lover, being a worker, being a fighter, being an addict, ad infinitum becomes the next illogical “progression.” In the process, co-dependence is fostered since another person is required for any role to believe it exists:

the spouse requires a spouse; the lover requires a lover; the employee requires an employer; the addict requires an enabler, etc. As roles generate desires and fears, disappointments follow. As roles generate co-dependency, independence is seemingly lost. In that absence of any sense of freedom, misery and suffering follow.

Living under the influence of desires, fears, and a sense of having no freedom, shifts between unstable periods of happiness and unhappiness follow. As more and more relative “issues” are taken to be real, misery follows. Yet those are but symptoms of “the illness.”

The illness is the warped or blocked consciousness that takes the beingness (and the subsequent “being this” or “being that”) to be real. And the treatment that has proved effective for some in treating the misery and suffering that result from distortion and belief in fictional concepts? The Advaita teachings.

If all seven steps on the “path” to Realization are completed, then abidance as that which is beyond the relative, beyond the beingness, and beyond the non-beingness happens spontaneously. It becomes understood that to try to address relative “issues” is to tilt with windmills…as futile an effort as attacking a mirage in an effort to eliminate it.

While physical pain is endured by millions of people on a daily basis, most of the truly traumatizing and paralyzing pain and suffering among persons is based in the delusions of the “mind” and in the bogus agendas of false personas that mistake fictional hurts or threats or interferences as being real.

Within this “universe” (which is more of a “void” than "anything") is a pool of air, a pool of elements, and a pool of specialized energy (a.k.a., “consciousness” or “conscious-energy”). Yet the pre-manifestation “state” exists prior to consciousness.

It is prior to the consciousness being, it is prior to the consciousness being aware of being, and it is prior to consciousness being programmed, conditioned, domesticated, and enculturated to the point that it dualistically believes that it can “be this” or “be that” or “be all these different things.”

That prior-to “state” is Your original state. It is the unborn state. Yet even prior to any unmanifested energy being, and even prior to this universe being, there was the no being, void state.

It is one thing to understand that You were not even conceived, much less born. It is another to understand the Latin term, ex nihilo, meaning, “out of nothing.” An entire universe can arise from nothing via natural processes.

If the consciousness is warped or blocked, then “a world” can also seemingly arise in that consciousness and can seemingly fill it will what is taken to be all sorts of “different” things and people. It is not understood that all is one and that the appearance of “different people and things” results only from the differing vibrational rates of energy.

If you want the peace that comes via the understanding of that which is beyond the beingness and the non-beingness, it is available via Realization, via an understanding of THAT, via an understanding of “neither this nor that,” and via an understanding of the nothingness...the Void.

The closest relative comparison is that no-dream state of deep sleep when nothing is believed to be. Such peace can happen now, and only now, but it is only available to those that realize They Are beyond conception, beyond birth, beyond death, beyond being, and beyond non-being.

The unborn cannot possibly “have” anything, including relative “issues.” Consciousness cannot “have” anything. But for the remainder of the manifestation of the consciousness, abidance as (or dwelling “in”) the natural state can happen if Full Realization happens first. Please enter the silence of contemplation.