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An Advaita Vedanta realization, enlightenment, nisarga yoga site discussing non-duality (nonduality), your original nature, and dwelling in the natural state as revealed by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

FROM A SITE VISITOR YESTERDAY: I’m in my mid-forties and have been visiting your site for some time now, but this is the first time I’ve been moved to write. I was sexually abused by a father who was a Baptist preacher and abused by a mother—mentally and emotionally and religiously and otherwise—who looked the other way and allowed it to continue for years. (“His” income was “her” income as well, after all.)

In my twenties and thirties, I sought solace in the bottle and with men because none of the pain was confronted. It has been shown to me recently how that all of those men were subjected to my raging and deep anger that was about my father, not about them.

I reached a point where I had no tolerance for men or booze, and the search for answers led me treatment and to to your book site and to this Advaita site. Reading this current series, especially the e-mail from that mother who is still using her dogma to try to program (or re-program?) an adult daughter--the same way my mother is still harassing me--I began to cry. The more I cried, the more I seemed to purge some of the trauma, but I know now that there is much that must happen for me to get well. Thank you for tackling a tough subject. No name please.

F.: May you find the path that leads to peace. (In the meantime, know that nothing you did caused the abuse and know that nothing you did afterwards was by choice; however, that can change.) Regards. Peace and Light.

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FROM A SITE VISITOR YESTERDAY: It seems to me the consciousness which you say is the cause of nonsense is also the cause of all that is accomplished in the relative. like Steven was saying we have to work if we don’t have someone to pay our bills. We have to contribute if we want to have some sense of purpose and meaning and betterment. You have said Christ was an Advaitin. I am combining Advaita Vedanta and Christianity to live by. My religion lets me serve others. What is wrong with that? what’s wrong with trying to live like Christ and help others. That is not nonsense. Jim

F.: So, Jim, you are invited to see that your ego-state of “Christian” brings with it the use of ego-defense mechanisms that foster egotism which in turn convinces you that your “religion lets you serve others.”

Yet you want to combine your Christian belief about helping others with the Advaita teachings which tell you that there are no “others,” that there is no “one” to help or be helped. You would try to combine dualistic beliefs with the Advaita teachings which urge the abandonment of concepts and duality and which invite you to transcend all beliefs including your (their) ideas about purpose and meaning.

At one point, that speck called “Maharaj” became weary of seekers who were quoting others in order to sustain the image of being “The Expert.” He knew the practice diverted them from realizing what they know, so he offered pointers such as “Hang Christ” or “Hang Krishna.”

The suggestion was to stop with all of this quoting of so-called “experts” in an effort to reinforce false ego-states and to touch what You know. Are you willing to accept that invitation? This pointer was offered in August of ‘06’:

Forget what “they” have to say and find what You already know. To truly be free, you must hang Christ, hang Krishna, hang religion, hang ideologies, hang “floyd,” hang gurus, hang your “disciplines and practices,” hang all “holy” texts and “divine” writings…hang it all. Then, find what You know—and have always known within—but have forgotten because of all the conceptual lies and beliefs that “they” gave you and which prevent you from questioning their teachings that are completely illogical and totally contradictory. Refusing to question the illogical and the contradictory can only make you irrational and foolish, and the refusal to question will block you from being in touch with reality and seeing the truth that cannot be found via priests or spiritualists or outer gurus or ideologists.

The invitation, Jim, is to set aside all of the teachings that have been credited to “others” and all of the knowledge you think you have acquired. Set aside your practice of self-labeling. Cast aside all you’ve been taught and find that which You have always known.

Take the Advaita pointers offered, sit in the quiet in order to contemplate their meanings, and then tap into the inner guru and uncover what it is that You already know but that you are not aware of because of all of the fallacious, learned ignorance that is blocking the consciousness which You Are from seeing the truth that cannot be stated but that can be known during the manifestation. Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)


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