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THE “CIRCLE”: Leaving Body Identification, Going Back to the Absolute, and Then Overlaying THAT on the Am-ness, Part Seven

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F.: The following excerpt, “Chapter One” from the book CONSCIOUSNESS / AWARENESS (The Nature of Reality Beyond Self-Realization) is offered to distinguish further between the non-dual source that is fixed and its dualistic manifestation which is never fixed:

The Audience
This book is for those who have understood completely the teachings offered in FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE and for those who have completed all seven steps along the “path” to Realization. If Self-Realization has not yet happened, and if an understanding of the Absolute is not complete, then you might want to read FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE first. If you have Realized, then you are ready to begin a consideration of the pointers in this book.

This book is not for the novice, not for those at the “wet charcoal” stage, not for those at the “dry charcoal” stage, and not even for those at the “gunpowder stage.” It is for those who have already experienced that “explosion” which reveals all lies to be lies and that blows away the belief in any and all concepts. It is for those who are ready for the Final Understanding. Before beginning the book, the reader is invited to take into contemplation and consideration the following pointers on “Consciousness” and on “Awareness” that were offered by Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj (with some commentaries added). The contemplation can provide stimuli for considering far more about Consciousness and Awareness than most will ever consider:

"Understand then, that it is this conscious presence that you are, so long as the body is there. Once your body is gone, along with the vital breath, consciousness also will leave. Only that which was prior to the appearance of this body-cum-consciousness, the Absolute, the ever-present, is your true identity."

[Later, if You understand the teachings in From the Absolute to the Nothingness, You might transition all identity.] "That is what we all really are. That is reality. It is here and now. Where is the question of anyone reaching for it?"

Maharaj made clear that, if the Understanding comes, no “person” will remain who could try to meddle in the play of consciousness. He also affirmed that there is no omniscient creator that is meddling in the play. All is merely happening spontaneously. How did he define “spirituality” then?

“Spirituality” is merely (1) understanding that a spontaneous play is happening, (2) recognizing that the play is a fraud, and then (3) finding the basis of the play.

Maharaj was asked, “Where does consciousness come from?” He answered, “It never comes or goes; it just appears to have come.”

He was also asked, “Where is the seat of consciousness?” He replied, “In every particle of the juice of the body.”

Regarding awareness, he said, “I told the consciousness, ‘It is you who is suffering, not I’” and “Awareness is not aware of its awareness.”

Maharaj explained that That Which He Truly Is was prior to consciousness. He made clear that there is no “he” to experience anything or do anything and that what persons take to be an experience is actually just the consciousness experiencing itself.

He explained that the Realized understand that the “world,” indeed the entire “universe,” exists in Consciousness alone. Neither “the world” nor “the universe” is real, and both only seem to appear in Consciousness.

[For example: if you are in a theater and watching a movie, are the images flashing across the screen real? Are the people seemingly moving about on the screen really there, or is it via the consciousness alone that they appear to you to be there? Is it possible that only the background is there and all else is a play in consciousness…a play in light? Knowing that all that seems to appear before the eyes “exists” in consciousness only, he was able to take his stand in the Absolute.]

In the Absolute, no Consciousness of the “I-Amness” or the “Beingness” or the “Is-ness” happens. In the Absolute, there are neither thoughts nor words nor deeds. The Absolute is prior to all of that…is prior to Consciousness.

Among the non-Realized, the consciousness has become identified with the space or form. A few move beyond body identification. Fewer still reach an understanding of what lies beyond the body-mind-personality identities. Even fewer will come to know “the source” that is beyond all enculturation, programming, and conditioning which block the consciousness.

“I am really not manifested. Can you live like that, as the nonmanifest?”

Now transcendence of the consciousness has also occurred. With the appearance of consciousness, the Absolute knows it is, ‘I Am.’

Even this primary concept, "I-am-ness," is dishonest, just because it is still only a concept. Finally, one has to transcend that also and be in the nirvikalpa state, which means the concept-free state. Then you have no concept at all, not even of "I am." In that state one does not know that one is. Full Realization, contrary to Self-Realization, is the same as Total Enlightenment, that is, understanding that You Are the Light. Not only does abidance then happen beyond the “I am” but it also happens beyond the “I.” Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)

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