Tuesday, April 27, 2010

WILLING TO DIE, Part Five, The Conclusion

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Here, there is nothing that is believed, so there is no one here who wants you to believe anything, either. Here, the invitation is to be free of all that you have been programmed, conditioned, acculturated, and domesticated to believe so that you can be free, period.

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FROM A SITE VISITOR: Thanx for the joint series -- right on. Speaking of stupid or insane, I have been hearing talk for years now (I’m in the U.S.) of people being “willing to die for their country.” Qualifies as insane doesn’t it?

F.: So, let it be concluded, relatively speaking, that all talk by the non-Realized about “being willing to die” is nonsense, all based in programming and conditioning and persona-assumption and acculturation.

Why is such talk so pervasive? Because (with the exception of a few pockets of sanity) the earth is now a logic-and-rationality-free zone. So many are willing to die (and, therefore, willing to kill) for “their causes” (while having no ability to understand the cause / causes of anything).

What is the understanding regarding “death” (and even “birth”) among the Realized? Maharaj said, “My true state, which is whole, undifferentiated, is beyond birth and death. I am never bound by my body and mind. I am limitless” and “When you are thoroughly knowledgeable, you will come to the conclusion that this beingness is also an illusion.”

In the book FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE, which identifies the seven steps from identification with the false I to abidance as the Absolute, the following is offered early on in order to allow persons to begin to sense that there is "something" beyond the body (which persons erroneously believe was created, born, lives, and dies) "something" that has the ability to be aware of ItSelf as well as an ability to witness what presently is while knowing that What Is is not anything that is witnessed phenomenally:

“The Arms-Legs-Organs” Consideration can help people become free of the limiting, false belief that they are the body. Of the various self-concepts that block most humans from Realizing Who We Truly Are, body identification is the most basic and least sophisticated identity. Belief that one is the body preempts engagement in Self-Inquiry and—unless transcended—will prevent one from ever coming to know THAT Which We Absolutely Are. I offer the consideration now to you: If you were to lose your right arm, would You still be You? You would still be You, right, even without that arm? If you were to lose your left arm, would You still be You? You would still be You, even without that arm…correct? If you were to lose your left leg, would You still be You? You would still be You, right, even without that leg? If you lose your other leg, wouldn't You still be You? You would still be You, right, even without that leg? Would You still be You if you have a heart transplant? You would still be You, yes? If you have a lung transplant, are You still You? You would still be You, right, even without your original lung or your original heart? And if you looked into your own eyes in a mirror, wouldn't You still know that You are You, even though your physical body is only a shadow of what it once was? Then...Who Are You? Who or What You Truly Are must be something beyond the physical body.

If more than half of what most consider to be “you” were to be lost, Who Is That You that remains? Moreover, Who is that You that is sensing that You would still be You, and would still be complete, even after the loss of four body appendages and the replacement of two original organs?

Past Site Contributor Dennis Waite put it this way “...We can each lose bits of our bodies and even go blind or deaf, yet 'we' remain. Similarly, we are not the thoughts or emotions, which come and go. We are not the mind - we continue to exist even when its operation ceases during deep sleep or under anesthetic. Even the I-thought is just that - another idea. The only constant aspect in all of this is consciousness, so that is what I must be....”

Dennis said, “In reality, since we are not the body or mind, we cannot be born or reincarnate.”

What refreshing freedom and clarity come when the notions of birth and death and rebirth go; when it is understood that what persons call "death" involves nothing more than the fact that at some point the body elements will return to the universal pool of elements; the breath shall return to the universal pool of air; and the conscious-energy shall return to the universal pool of energy-awareness (which is not even aware of itself).

If that is understood, note how all of the former complexities of the relative existence disappear and how simple the functioning becomes: wherefore any need for bells and smoke and knelling and prayers and worship and religious dogma and spiritual exercises when freed of belief in the duality-based delusions of birth and death, life and afterlife, and reward vs. punishment?

Maharaj said: “When the birth is disproved, the great noble meaning of spirituality and the meaning of this world—everything—is disproved.”

Wherefore any supposed need for any “one” to "do" anything when these pointers from Maharaj are understood?

** "Once You know that death happens to the body and not to You, You just watch your body falling off like a discarded garment”


“The Real does not die, the unreal never lived”


“The Real You is timeless and beyond birth and death.”

Yet even that “Real You” that manifests from the Absolute is not the antecedent state. That original state is the Void, the Nothingness; therefore, Maharaj could report accurately: “From my angle, you are nothing. You have no identity.”

Only one assuming the illusion of “Who-ness” can be willing to die for illusions, including the illusions of country and possessions and “love” and dogma and values and a god or gods and heaven and hell and reward and punishment and beliefs and concepts and ideas and ideals.

Fact is, those illusions should only be discussed in a conversation that also includes unicorns; tooth fairies; Santa Claus; eternal salvation and reward; and a god or gods of creation and sustenance and destruction and punishment.

Enjoy the peace and freedom that only come with the no-concept, non-dual Realization. Then, the death of the body is meaningless but is not sought in a senseless way that would run contrary to the natural tendencies of the manifest consciousness.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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