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An Advaita forum focusing on Realisation, enlightenment, non-duality, Real Love, peace, freedom, Your original nature, abiding naturally, the Oneness, the Nothingness, and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Here, there is nothing that is believed, so there is no one here who wants you to believe anything, either. Here, the invitation is to be free of all that you have been programmed, conditioned, acculturated, and domesticated to believe so that you can be free, period.

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F.: [Continued from yesterday] What is within the province of the Realized teacher? If the teacher were working on a movie set or in a photo studio, she / he would be "The Grip," the one directing the direction of the light, removing unwanted shadows. In a theatre where live performances are offered, the Realized teacher would be "The Spot Op" (or the operator of the spotlight).

In either case, the job is to cast light in order to remove the darkness, directing and re-directing the light as needed to reveal that which is to be seen by those who would see; however, it is not the job of the Grip or Spot Op to work endlessly with the members of the audience who cannot comprehend the plot.

The Grip or Op just shines the light and provides an opportunity whereby some "get it" but most don't. Nor is it the job of the Grip or Spot Op to accept or tolerate any and all words and any and all behaviors from the audience if the members in the crowd are behaving in an ignorant or insane manner.

In that regard, an end to offering pointers is required when a non-Realized seeker is attached to the unnatural thinking, unnatural talking, unnatural emoting, and unnatural behavior that are common among the masses; furthermore, there is nothing in the teachings that demands limitless tolerance of personas, personality disorders, ignorance, insanity or the chaos they generate.

Why would Maharaj strike out at ignorance and at what he called "stupidity verging on insanity" if the ultimate message regarding ignorance and stupidity and insanity were to "welcome ignorance, to accept stupidity and to tolerant insanity"?

Why would Maharaj strike out at personality and its always-present companion (egotism) if the ultimate message regarding ego-states and egotism were to "accept and tolerate those two"?

[The pointers in the following exchange are only for those well along the "path"]:

F.: Understanding Real Love - as Maharaj did - did not prevent "relationship problems" (i.e., did not prevent Maharaj from confronting ego and egotism and tossing persons from the loft, especially when they were trying to demand that he cast the light on them - on the false personas they took to be real). Even with M.'s knowing Love and being Love, the egotism that some egos tried to bring into the loft still resulted in their being kicked out; therefore, the "solution" to such issues during the relative lies not with the Realized - it lies with the non-Realized, and that is why Maharaj knew that the chaos of the planet would be guaranteed to go on. The "gaining" of an understanding of Love is not enough - it is they, the non-Realized, that must be free of the ego and egotism if the unassailable peace is to continue to happen when paths cross. This is a teaching that is seldom shared because even those far along the path are seldom ready for that one. But consider:

No fawn has ever been taught by its doe / "mother" that, "to be happy and content and blissful, you must accept noise and must tolerate people who run at you and must accept the fact that sometimes children will toss stones at you. Do not react, do not move away. Tolerance...acceptance...that is the key. You'll find that some humans are really asses and that you just have to put up with asses if you want to be happy."

Some persons who have a preconceived notion about what the post-Realization relative existence is "supposed to look like" will say, "If You know the Oneness, Floyd, then you accept all, tolerate all, knowing that the contaminated speck in Your presence is just that. So You accept it all." In other words, they have an opinion about an experience they have never had, namely, what Realization is actually like.

The fact is, such beliefs about tolerance and acceptance are (as with all beliefs) not true at all. A wife might know that her husband is on steroids and that's why he beats her and she might claim that the darling would not do that without the steroids. Some might add that BS line, "and if I didn't provoke him"; the fact is, though, that being beaten is still not acceptable. It's BS, and that includes the type of self-inflicted beatings that Pope John Paul II gave himself with a belt and the self-flagellation that some Muslim men give themselves with chains and maces.

Now, can words spoken by a contaminated speck of conscious "bother" the Realized? No. Freedom comes with the understanding that (1) "words of hate" are coming via the contaminated consciousness, not via an individual; that (2) there is no individual to hear hateful words; and that (3) only a persona can seem to be hurt or threatened. Even then, though, does that suggest that the Realized should continue to be subjected to such behavior and tolerate it? Not at all.

Louise: Yes – you have helped me a lot with this through our discussions [of what some of the big name teachers are teaching that is off the mark.] Perhaps this myth of unconditional acceptance characterizing realization is again a misinterpreted EFFECT, just as how silent retreats cannot CAUSE realization, but post-realization there is a movement into silence. Previously, bound by personality I would spend hours and days reflecting after having a difficult ego-based interaction, would likely seek out support from friends or family through long conversations and ultimately may attempt to clear things up with the ego-based one – make them accountable, or try to get them to fix or change their behaviour. This dynamic has disappeared entirely. WHO would require another person to match “louise’s” agenda? WHO wants friends and family to give support?

The behaviour now is more like the deer. Before, an ego-based exchange would be entered into in some way. Now, an ego-based behaviour is discerned as it arises, and when this arises there is a movement away into silence. Not avoidance, but rather moving from a static-filled atmosphere at the first hint of noise – before the noisemaker even begins. The mind does not pick up any thoughts related to the noisemaker and mull over those afterwards; instead, after moving away from the noisemaker, there are no thoughts and opinions about him/her at all. Just the peace of silence. Some perceive this movement as unconditionality, because they personally would feel compelled to respond, react, have opinions about the noisemaker.

It's like playing rope. The ego-intoxicated swing their end of the rope. Usually someone picks up the other end – and the game of rope begins with gentle swings or wild conflictual ones. Here, when the ego-intoxicated one picks up the rope, this is seen, and there is no movement to pick up the other end of the rope. So there is no game to play. The ego-intoxicated one gets bored and wanders off to find someone else to “play” with. What would happen if the ego-intoxicated one began hitting me with the rope, or forcing me to play. I would not pick up the rope, but I would certainly tell him or her that the behaviour would not be tolerated and the police called if necessary.

Another way of describing it, when observing the personality-driven, it is clearly seen that they are helpless puppets of an invisible puppet master. If the individual insistently attempts to force me to move to their puppet master’s tune, a clear and firm boundary would be set – which could involve shouting or putting down a telephone during a tirade. It’s like an exclamation mark that says “STOP THAT” – and then the peace and silence return.

Mistaken as a cause, people believe that if they are unconditionally accepting of all, they will Realize, because this is how the Realized appear to them. (People ignore the other variables, most notably that people are on their very best behaviour with spiritual teachers – so they tend to show off only their “compassionate, wise spiritual persona” – so there is not much for the teacher to respond to.)

[I notice that] in the context of “teacher-student” you see and lazer shoot at the spiritual persona, as you would any other persona. Outside of the Advaitan teaching context, presumably there would be little inclination to interact with the spiritual persona at all.

F.: Yes - and freedom from the influence of beliefs and concepts comes only when "I" is used to refer to the consciousness. E.g., it can be said here unequivocally that there are no beliefs or concepts because it is the consciousness speaking and conscious-energy cannot "have" anything...including a belief. I the consciousness can witness only. I cannot "have" any belief.

And, yes, the deer does remain the model: with no mind, the deer can have no thoughts or beliefs and can only witness.

While witnessing, can a deer differentiate between a rope and a snake? Yes. Here, a garden hose is coiled on the ground next to the house, and deer walk right by it without being bothered by it or reacting to it; yet the deer cannot be said to "accept" it or "tolerate" it. As for a snake, the deer will move away from it...the same with loud noise...but that does not suggest the deer is "flawed" because it is "non-accepting" or "intolerant"; nor does it suggest that deer need to develop those traits, "traits" being the providence of personality.

It would also be senseless to say that all deer need to develop tolerance and acceptance of everything...including snakes and noise...if they are to be happy or if they are to be considered "truly wise and knowing." So much nonsense is involved with what it is supposedly like to be "spiritual" or "Realized," just as with persons' beliefs about what other assumed ego-states are supposed to look like; thus, the invitation to complete "the journey."

As far as Realized teachers are concerned, though, persons will continue to judge teachers and will try to overlay on the teacher the person's concepts about what the Realized should look like: "If Maharaj had truly been Realized, he would never have kicked anyone out of the loft" and "If you were truly Realized, Floyd, you would not do this or that and you would always do that or this instead."

Hogwash. Ego. Egotism. Self-identified, self-absorbed experts offering supposedly expert opinions about experiences they have never had. So it is.

Please enter the silence of contemplation. (To be continued)


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