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MAHARAJ: “Lightment” vs. Enlightenment, Part “FF”

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Maharaj made clear that when "full realization" happens, there will no longer be an assumption of any identity (or “Identity”). He explained that means that there will not even be an assumed "experiencer"; instead, there will be for the remainder of the manifestation only what can be called for the sake of discussion the “True Self” or the “Real Self” (that is, the “Pure Witnessing”). Then, for the rest of the relative existence, there will merely be the witnessing of whatever happens. 

Yet he said that at various points along the path, experiencing must happen until the role of the experiencer goes the way of all roles and ends; therefore, he said: “I have no faith in anything which has ever been told, not even what has been told by the Vedas. Only my own experience.” He explained: “Without an experiencer the experience is not real. It is the experiencer that imparts reality to experience.” 

Thus it has been noted here that if persons have not experienced their own hopelessness, they can never understand hope. The same holds true for the neuroses and psychoses and insanity which parents and teachers and religious leaders and political leaders impose on persons: if persons have not experienced their own insanity, they can never be freed from insanity and restored to sanity. In the book 

it is made clear that realization cannot come to all (if it is understood that Maharaj defined “realisation” as being free of ignorance and insanity). 

The non-dual understanding cannot restore all of the insane to a state of sanity any more than counselors and psychologists and therapists and psychiatrists – and their drugs – can restore all of the insane to a state of sanity. Some persons are so far gone that they will never experience – that is, they will never truly touch – their own insanity. Just as those who are driven by extreme levels of ignorance cannot recognize their own ignorance, so it is that many who are being driven by insane thoughts and words which lead to insane actions will never understand how insane their thoughts and words and actions are. 

As for those that are seeking, most know that something is “missing” or understand that the way that they have been living is generating "some really insane results." They may well be in a position to experience their own insanity, leaving them with the possibility of taking the steps which might well free them of insanity and its effects. 

Here, after pointers are shared about Maharaj’s abandoning the use of a combination of religious and non-dual pointers and a combination of spirituality and non-dual pointers and then focusing on the psychological roots – the mental roots – of the Ultimate Sickness, then “everyday” examples are offered to illustrate the pointers and to allow seekers an opportunity to examine their own thoughts and words and actions and then possibly experience the reality of the effects which all experience when they are trapped in learned ignorance or when they are trapped in the neuroses or psychoses or insanity which is imposed on all persons on the planet nowadays. 

Maharaj put it this way: “Insanity is universal. Sanity is rare. Yet there is hope, because the moment we perceive our insanity, we are on the way to sanity.” Again, if persons have not experienced their own hopelessness, they can never understand hope. 

The same holds true for the neuroses and psychoses and insanity which parents and teachers and religious leaders and political leaders impose on persons: if persons have not experienced their own insanity, they can never understand sanity. Because learned ignorance and insanity – along with multiple personalities and the hidden, subconscious agendas and chaos and instability which they bring - are imposed by the use of programming and conditioning and domestication and acculturation and indoctrination and brainwashing, and because the same are used to assign false identities to humans (beginning during the earliest years of childhood), then the effects must be experienced if one is to be free of them. 

That is, persons must become conscious of their actual condition and then must become aware of techniques and methods which can free them of those effects of their condition. Maharaj explained precisely the logic of meeting in the loft there, and his words make clear what the task which has been assumed here is: “This is the function of the Guru - to make us see the madness of our daily living. Life makes you conscious, but the teacher makes you aware.” 

 So, to continue: Here, much of the work undertaken to try to pay the rent and monthly bills involves working with counselors and their clients. 

Those counselors have their clients take the personality inventory I use before the clients enter their offices for their initial sessions. In that way, the counselors know exactly which personality agendas are controlling their clients' thoughts and words and actions; then, they can use that information during the coming weeks and months to make their clients aware, to wake them up to the reality of the forces which are really driving them to behave in ways which are insane – to one degree or another – because their actions are self-destructive, are self-defeating, are not in their best relative interests at all. 

On this site, information in that same vein is shared with the same potential possibility of allowing persons to see clearly the effects of what they are doing and to see clearly thereafter what the causes of those behaviors actually are and what actions can, in some cases, be taken to reverse course. 

To that end, today’s post is excerpted from CHAPTER SEVENTEEN of the book "The Child Ignorance Stage" or "The Child No-Knowing State," that chapter entitled, The Borderline Personality Disorder.” In working with counselors and their clients in the U.K., all across Western Europe, in Africa, in Sydney, Australia and in many points in between, we are seeing a major increase in the number of cases involving the Borderline Personality Disorder, so that disorder alone will be discussed today. 

From Chapter Seventeen

The previous chapter ended with this consideration: The sages have discussed the negative impact of personality on the relative existence for ages. Is it any wonder why, after having seen the results of ego-defense mechanisms and personality defects that always accompany the assignment or assumption of personality? The final disorder to be discussed is:


Because persons with the Borderline Personality Disorder (a.k.a., the Emotionally-Unstable Personality Disorder) are constantly idealizing and then diminishing other persons - and constantly upgrading and downgrading other persons - then this disorder reinforces duality in those types as much as (or sometimes even more than) any other disorder. Those with the Borderline Personality Disorder practice “psychological splitting,” a reference to the borderline's inability to hold consistently any thoughts or feelings or beliefs about oneself or others. What they supposedly "love" one minute, they can - and will - hate the next, inspiring those around them to conclude that they are "the most unpredictable person I've ever known" or "the most unstable person I've ever met." 

Their typical pattern is this: they usually see only "the positives" in the beginning, but then later they will focus on the negative attributes of persons, so they are driven by a set of beliefs that have no cohesiveness. (Can that not be one description of persons trapped in the belief of duality?) All personality types produce emotional intoxication and emotional instability, but as the alternate name - "the Emotionally-Unstable Personality Disorder" - suggests borderlines can be among the most unstable of all unstable persons. It is not as if their shift from a positive view of someone develops to a negative view of that person after spending a long period of time with that person. It can happen instantly. 

While the non-duality teachings invite seekers to abide as the Original State which is totally stable - being mindless, persona-less, and identity-less as it is - those with the Borderline Personality Disorder are totally out of touch with that Original State of Reality and, therefore, are presently out of touch with steadiness and constancy as well (especially including being out of touch with mental and emotional stability). When this now-more-commonplace-than-ever disorder is driving thoughts and words and deeds (which happen to align with the thoughts and words and actions of the non-Realized), then persons will find it difficult to distinguish between reality and their own misperceptions of the world and their surrounding environment. 

They will be trapped in a state of emotional intoxication that is as debilitating as it is among those who are physically intoxicated and who are staggering about in a stupor while thinking that they are actually fully aware and totally in control; instead, they are trapped in the dream of the planet and are walking and talking and driving and working - and doing everything they do - in their sleep. 

One core problem with persons who suffer from the now-common Borderline Disorder is their difficulty with expressing appropriate feelings (and their inability to be totally "available") to significant people in their lives. 

[As has been discussed in more detail in other works by the author, there are entire cultures where persons are especially cold and incapable of feeling and where parents are excessively rigid and distant and formal and remote and detached and aloof; those are the parents who have never said "I love you" to their own children even once and who have never hugged their children even once; who teach their children to keep a stiff upper lip; who never show their feelings; and who do not allow their children to show their feelings, either. Repression, and the consequences thereof, are prevalent throughout such cultures.] 

Eventually, as the Borderline Disorder progresses, there can be a shift beyond being driven by emotional intoxication and becoming enraged, distrustful, and fearful. Extreme instability - especially of the mental and emotional variety - becomes commonplace among these types. 

Thus, the author asks this question regularly of seekers that visit: Is it becoming clear why sages for ages have recommended to seekers that they take the steps to be free of personality? The "goal" of non-duality pointers is always to move persons to a state of independence and stability, freed of all identification, including identification with the body and the mind and the personalities that generate chaos and the desire to control. That can never happen as long as personality remains and is subconsciously driving all thoughts and words and actions. 

The teachings might temporarily offer some degree of "emotion regulation" as the seeker moves along the path, but in the end, belief in and attachment to ego-states - to false personalities which generate emotional intoxication - must be eliminated. That includes the ego-states that some take to be the "good" ones as well as the ones that cultures call the "bad" ones. 

As long as any personas are assumed to be real, then all of the negative effects of personality disorders (relatively speaking) will manifest and will assure an existence dominated by fluctuation, by chaos, by a desire to control, and by the frustration that comes when efforts to control people, places, and things fail ... as will always, ultimately, be the case. 

When the Borderline Personality Disorder is driving thoughts and words and actions, then persons will find it difficult to distinguish between reality and their own misperceptions of the world and their surrounding environment. 

After having seen the results of the personality disorders which follow the development of personality, and after having seen the relative effects of the assignment or assumption of personalities / personas as identities, is it not clear why the invitation here is to at least "go back" as far as "The Child Ignorance Stage" / "The Child No-Knowing State" and then abide in a manner that is free of concepts and beliefs, free of a fiction-filled "mind," and free of the personalities that are at the root of all of the ignorance and chaos and mental disorders and insanity that plague the relative existence on this planet? 

Only then can one return to that earlier state of happiness which allowed for the enjoyment of unconditional happiness (as long as the most basic needs of food and clothing and shelter were met). 

To be continued.

Please enter into the silence of contemplation.

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