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MAHARAJ: “Lightment” vs. Enlightenment, Part “LL”

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To review from yesterday: Maharaj said . . . 

“Don't burden yourself with names. Just be." 


“Any name [even the supposedly "Good" or "Supreme" Identities] obscures your real nature.” 


“This is the great work of awareness: it removes obstacles.” 

What are the obstacles to which he referred? The body and mind and personality identifications (that is, the “names” he referenced in the quotes above) which are set in place by ignorant programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination and which can only be removed if persons return to “The Child Ignorance Stage” (referred to here as “The Child No-Knowing State”) and abandon all names, and all ideas about those names, and all of the beliefs which come via ignorant programming, conditioning, etc. 

If one’s relative existence lasts for what amounts to “an average human lifespan” on planet earth, then that person will have easily been assigned or will have assumed 80 to 100 false identities, and often more. All of the names which follow two words which should never be followed by any word (specifically, “I am”) are used by those attached to both phenomenal and supposedly Noumenal personal identifications / Identifications; however, even before 80 or 90 or 100 or more names or titles or identities are assigned or claimed, there are nine basic personalities which all persons begin with from their earliest years.

One service offered here is the Enneagram Personality inventory with analysis and explanation of the nine basic personality types which all persons start out with after programming, conditioning, etc. and which are presently driving subconsciously the thoughts and words of actions of almost all humans.

Those nine manifest to varying degrees in everyone, and if you are familiar with them, then you might recall persons whom you’ve dealt with during your lifetime and who evidenced each type. You might even recognize that they have appeared in you are times as well and have determined what you thought and said and did without your being aware of what was actually driving those thoughts and words and actions. Whether one is dealing with “others” or with “self” or "selves," when it comes to the nine basic personalities which all persons have to one degree or another, the one that is aware will see how truly significant the obstacles which they generate actually are, relatively speaking.

The nine types include . . .

The Rigid, Judgmental, Idealistic Perfectionistic, Reformer Type 

The People-Pleasing, Love-Seeking, Helper, Savior, Rescuer Type 

The Success-Oriented, Excessively-Driven, Image-Conscious, Performer Type 

The Sensitive, Introspective, Loner, Expressive, Temperamental, Rebellious Type 

The Intense, Cerebral, Secretive, Isolated, Know-It-All Type

The Fear-Based, Security-Oriented, Dependent and Co-Dependent, Anxious, Suspicious Type 

The Busy, Variety-Seeking, Scattered, and Potentially-Addictive Type 

The Power Hungry, Domineering, Willful, Confrontational, Controlling Type


The Often-Too-Easy-going, Excessively-Accommodating but Passive-Aggressive Type. 

If you take a few moments, you can likely recall at least one person who was the epitome of each of those types. Likely, though, you can recall dozens or more who have displayed those personality identifications. 

Look at each of them one at time. How much fun has it been to deal with perfectionists? (A man in a state of shock and panic came here hours after his wife said, “I’m leaving you.” Many of the identities which felt threatened by her words – husband, father, homeowner, the money man, etc. - inspired his saying through his tears, “I hate losing her. I have always thought she was perfect.” The reply: “Maybe the problem has been all along that that’s the one belief of yours which she always agreed with wholeheartedly.”) 

Trying to abide with or deal with a perfectionist is a challenge, and almost all of humanity’s challenges have come either from destructive, naturally-occurring events or from the hidden, subconscious agendas of personalities. 

Have you lived with a helper type who neglects his or her own needs but is helping excessively in order to be loved? 

Have you lived with a person totally absorbed in self and driven by narcissism? The type whose theme song is either “To Know, Know, Know Me, Is To Love, Love, Love Me, and I Do” or “I’m in the Mood for . . . Me”? 

What about the excessively moody? 

The know-it-all? 

The user? 

The addict? 

The control freak? 

The avoider who only cares about maintaining his or her peace, but to heck with your peace? 

Next, you might study each of those and see if any of them have manifested, or might still be manifesting, in your life. The point, though, is that assuming those names – those titles, those roles – cannot possibly lead to anything other than misery (whether for self or for those dealing with those types or for both). 

Then, add in the other scores of assigned or assumed personalities; note how they all self-ungrade and become a “super” version of their assumed identities; then, you might reconsider Maharaj’s advice: 

“Don't burden yourself with names. Just be." 


“Any name [even the supposedly "Good" or "Supreme" Identities] obscures your real nature.” 


“This is the great work of awareness: it removes obstacles.” 

Returning to The Child No-Knowing State removes the obstacles of personal (and “Personal”) identifications, as well as the beliefs which drive persons to fight to defend, as well as all of the other concepts and notions and ideas which have been imposed via programming, conditioning, etc. 


“…You should go back, reverse, to the source” [and if not the source which is understood after the seventh step of a seven-step “journey,” then at least to the fourth step where you return to the freedom and joy and lightness of “The Child No-Knowing State" after knowing who you are not.] 


“Follow the same path by which you came” [and keep following it until you reach that pre-conditioned state where the possibility to enjoy unconditional happiness occurred]


"Go to zero concepts” [and, thereby be freed from the machinations of the mind; then, you can truly be free]. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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