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MAHARAJ: “Lightment” vs. Enlightenment, Part “HH”

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“Wisdom is knowing I am nothing. Love is knowing I am everything. Between the two, my life moves.” 
--Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj 

“Everyone either understands ‘Love’ or will just ‘love.’ The only question then is . . . ‘what is loved?’” 

To return to “The Child No-Knowing Stage” is (a) to sense the Oneness and is (b) to be free of all personal / self identifications and is (c) to be free of all “Personal / Self / Supreme Identifications" as well. 

Once the eyes of a child in “The Child No-Knowing Stage” begin to focus and it is able to associate (1) the voice it heard while in the womb, starting around week eighteen, with (2) a physical, visible body, then a sense of Oneness is experienced. The child “feels” at one with that which it is now sees but was previously "familiar with" by voice alone.

Later, the child will begin to explore its own body and will link the touching of its foot with the registering of that touch; the touching of one hand with another and registering that touch; etc. At that point, the child will begin to sense its own self-ness as separate from the mother; later, by the age of two or so, it will become far more attuned to itself rather than to the mother and far more in tune with what it feels and wants than what the mother or anyone else wants. (At that point, the child that is into itself rather than others is said to have entered “The Terrible Two’s.”) 

[NOTE: A child that experienced unconditional happiness during its pre-programmed, pre-conditioned, pre-identity, pre-Identity, pre-knowing, and pre-learned-ignorance days did not "know itself” as being "this" or "that" and certainly did not know ItSelf as “This” or as “That” and did not “know God” or “A Higher Power” and was not conscious of messages supposedly "being sent from the universe.” If an adult realizes (that is, per Maharaj, becomes "freed of all learned ignorance,") then that adult will not need to know any of that (or "THAT") either in order to enjoy unconditional happiness once more.]

Is that clear? A child did not have to have even a single identity to be unconditionally happy and did not have to find its "Supreme Identity" or "tap into some Higher Power" and did not have to "know God" or "be in relationship with God" in order to be unconditionally happy. In fact, all of that nonsense is what brought to an end the child's being in a state of unconditional happiness and sent the child into a state of ignorance and confusion and insanity. No wonder Maharaj recommended, "Go back! Reverse!" instead of "Get into conscious contact with God and stay there!"

That is why Maharaj said that “You need not search for or find the answer to ‘Who Am I, Really?’ It is enough to know who you are not.” In the Child No-Knowing Stage, you did not have any identity or Identity. If you truly reach that liberated state again, you will also not have any identity or Identity. Moreover, you will not have to work to maintain any identity or Identity. Then, Maharaj said, you can "relax in the cool blue shade" and take it easy.] 

Among adults that have returned to the “No-Knowing Stage” and, as a result, are freed of all identities and Identities, the relative existence can then become, once more, a rather simple process. When my daughter rushed to the hospital to see me years ago, she encountered a doctor who was himself suffering from his own major illness, one called “assholism.” 

He was scheduled to begin an exploratory process the next morning to try to find the source of the internal hemorrhaging which was taking quite a toll on the plant food body here. Without a single fact to base his diagnosis upon, he told her that "probably the cancerous growths which had been removed years earlier have returned so prepare yourself because the number of your dad's remaining days are most likely limited.” She went into full-blown panic mode. I told her that if I did not live, all would still be okay and that if I lived, all would also be okay. “That said,” I told her, "I know how I feel and my symptoms now are nothing like my symptoms were then, so . . . not to worry . . . I do not have cancerous polyps." What was happening inside the body, which it took that incompetent doctor two more procedures and another week to find? A lesion, caused by the irritation which came as a result of an aspirin-and-prescribed-blood-thinner regimen which the doctors had put me on to treat a cardio issue. 

One honest doctor of internal medicine who was called in as a consultant entered into a debate with the other doctors who were supposedly treating me. He advised me to stop following their regimen, saying, “I see as many people die as I see ‘saved’ by the use of aspirin and blood thinners. Yes, you may have a heart attack a few years sooner than otherwise, but you told me that you were fine with living but had no fear of dying at all. That being the case, if you keep allowing aspirin and a thinner to irritate the intestinal tract and cause continuing blood loss, you won’t make a week, much less several more years.”

See? A fairly simple solution came: there has been no more internal hemorrhaging and there has only been one "minor heart attack" during all the years, and the cause of that - a mineral imbalance, not blood cells that were "too-thick" - is being addressed with natural supplements. So, yes, the relative existence can be “a rather simple process” for one not attached to body or mind or personal identifications, and it can be a far more enjoyable series of happenings if one is free of identifications and Identifications because one’s life can unfold without one’s head being stuck in the clouds instead of allowing one’s feet to be planted firmly on the solid ground which lies “in between wisdom and Love."

So the case with all humanity is this: everyone will either understand Love or will just “love,” so it is merely a matter of whether Real Love / a sense of Oneness / a sense of At-one-ment is understood or whether only “a notion of conceptualized love” is present. To say that “Everyone either ‘Loves’ or ‘loves’” means that everyone “realized” will know Love (meaning the Oneness) or that everyone else will love the self . . . will only love their false selves. If in love with the self, then one is in love with a narcissist; is in love with one or with many personas being driven by the hidden agendas of multiple instances of egomania; is in love with one totally self-absorbed; and is in love with one “full of self” rather than full of the understanding of “Real Love.” 

If an adult has returned to the identity-less and the Identity-less state, then a sense of Love will manifest. If not, then love will manifest as the "love" which one has for himself or herself, meaning for his or her false selves. 

[Someone asked recently: “You wrote about Dylann Roof, that white supremacist who went into a church with mostly black members and shot and killed several people there just because they had a skin color different from his. Are you telling me that you feel ‘at one’ with him and that you ‘love’ him even after those actions?” The reply: “First, there is no ‘Dylann’ and there is no ‘I.’ There is simply an understanding, and the understanding is that - in this case as in all other cases with 'humans" - there is actually nothing more than composite unities. Any sense of ‘oneness’ is rooted in the fact that there is a shared, common ‘ancestry’ which can be traced back to one single atom which popped out of an adjacent universe and manifested in a vacuum, a vacuum similar to those duplicated in scientific laboratories wherein a particle can instantaneously manifest in a previously completely-sterile environment.

If realized, one will understand the functioning of the totality and how all cycles. In what is now called “this universe,” that cycling involved a single atom breaking out of another universe, entering a vacuum of nothingness, splitting multiple times, and forming other atoms which combined to form a different type of atom and which them smashed together and generated a huge explosion which led to the presently-on-going expansion of what is called "this universe.” See the previous post regarding why things explode, including not only things functioning on a universal scale but also persons functioning on an “individual, personal or Personal basis."] 

As Maharaj made clear about the Ultimate Sickness (which he eventually came to understand is a mental, psychological Sickness), the relative existence of persons with that Sickness does not move between Wisdom and Love.

The masses who are suffering from that Sickness live out an existence which moves between ignorance and insanity on one hand and love of self on the other. It is the love of self which comes with personal identifications that, in turn, generate – usually subconsciously and therefore unconsciously – every thought and word and action that any and all “non-realized” humans think and say and do. 

Every personality has its own desire-and-fear-based agenda, and humans are almost always unaware of the multiple hidden agendas of the multiple personalities which drive humans' thoughts and words and actions.

If one returns to “The Child No-Knowing Stage,” then one will be identity-less and Identity-less; therefore, one will not be driven by anything, including a fear of death and the even-more-common fear of living . . . of life itself. 

One can either move about within a state marked by wisdom and Love or one will run about, maddeningly, within a state that is confined by chaos and ignorance and insanity on one side and love of self (actually, selves) on the other. And nothing is more frustrating and disappointing that loving something that is not real and loving something that proves to be something quite different from what it first appeared to be. 

More tomorrow on the seemingly endless misery and suffering which come with the conundrum that manifests when the fake and the phony and the bogus are mistaken for the authentic. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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