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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Eighty-Nine

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Other perspectives which differ from those held by the masses can manifest if realization is combined with the yoga which invites natural living vs. unnatural or supernatural living. 

Additional different perspectives which have come here include the following: 

The "mind" is rooted in wrong programming and faulty conditioning and lies and concepts and ideas and superstitions and falsehoods. 

You are in a play, playing a role, and believing that the role and the play are both real. Why would you believe such nonsense? Because "your mind" is the playwright, the author of every scene. 

When Maharaj said, "You are not in the world . . . the world is in you," what did he mean? He meant, "You are not in the world," that is, there is no "you" that is real or in any world. "The world is in you" means that the world is in your "mind" and is nothing more than a figment of your programming-and-conditioning-induced imaginings. 

Everything that is said here is to be used to get rid of another false belief until all ideas and emotional intoxication and beliefs are gone and nothing remains but the unstated understanding. 

Only then can the constant churning and re-churning of the false beliefs of the corrupted "mind" finally cease. 

What is that inner resource, that inner guru? It is the vestige of pure consciousness that remains, deeply buried beneath the waste called “your mind.” 

“Your mind” obscures the consciousness because that "mind" is so marred with its belief in lies and superstitions and all of its "knowledge," all that learned ignorance, that it leaves you insane … so insane that you don’t know yourself and so insane that you believe the lies and dreams of the planet. 

If your body has disappeared, how can any person remain? And if no person remains, how can a mind remain? 

In order to know (the great) Reality, you must be sane. In order to be sane, you must be out of your mind. 

For their suffering to end, persons must understand the functioning of the totality; must see that all suffering is rooted in the assumption of ego-states as false identities; must realize that they have no “mind” but instead are being driven by the “minds” of others (which they now think is their own "mind"); must be aware of the fact that a “mind” is nothing more than the storehouse of all the lies and beliefs and ideas and concepts that must be cast aside in order to end human suffering; and must see the limitations of doingness but the timelessness and limitless nature of beingness . . . and non-beingness as well. 

In this relative existence, nothing is going on but a breeziness of play, but persons are caught up in a tornado of work, in a storm of seriousness, and in a tempest of drama. 

So-called “life” in this sphere of consciousness is just a process of functioning, and while the “mind” of a person will dream up notions about separation or differentiation, none exists. 

The process just keeps on happening. A belief or a concept, a religion or a philosophy, a state or a nation, a hero or a villain … all are just part of the process of functioning. 

All those are just dreamed up names, and all such dreamed up labels (dreamed up by that accumulation of corruptions called "the mind") generate a false sense of reality. The "journey" aims to put you fully in touch with reality. To be out of touch with reality is to be insane. 

This "journey" is about getting in touch with reality in order to be free of the bondage of the illusions and falsehoods of a mind exposed to years of enculturation. 

Because the "journey" involves shifting from identification with the false "I's" and being fully in touch with reality; and because the "journey" is a process whereby seekers have a chance to be free of the effects of three of the key symptoms of the Ultimate Sickness (identified as "ignorance, stupidity, and insanity"); 

and because the "journey" is a process by which seekers reach a state of realization; and because Maharaj said that "realization is merely being free of ignorance"; then the "journey" is nothing more than a "journey" - a movement away from - abiding in a state of "ignorance, stupidity, and insanity" and abiding instead in a state of understanding, wisdom, and sanity. 

Among religions and philosophies, there is no means by which their followers can undergo the necessary brain-flush. That can only happen via completion of the entire non-dual “journey” which can bring about the dissolution of all of the contamination that is “the mind.” 

Ultimately, Advaita is the teaching that has the "goal" of becoming the non-teaching by way of un-teaching. 

All human suffering is rooted in not living naturally, and all suffering persons (i.e., all among the "the non-realized, ignorant masses") are living unnaturally or supernaturally. 

Those living unnaturally can be recognized by the self-destructive behaviors which mark their relative existence.

Those living supernaturally can be recognized by their magical thinking, by their belief in modernized versions of ancient gods, by their acceptance of ancient myths and superstitions as fact, by their disdain for scientific evidence, and by their belief in non-factual explanations for naturally-occurring events. 

Unnatural living and supernatural living are both tiresome and exhausting, but natural living is easy. 

The non-dual "teaching" ("un-teaching") invites you to question everything. 

Faith in dogma requires that you question nothing. 

The "journey" only begins when questioning begins. The "journey" only continues if questioning continues. 

Pray all the prayers that you think you need to pray; knell, bend over, stoop, or lie prostrate as much as you think you need to kneel, bend over, stoop, or lie prostrate; read all the “holy” books that you think you need to read; visit all the “sacred” sites or “sacred” men that you think you need to visit; chant or hum every chant or hum you think you need to chant or hum; ring every bell you think you need to ring; and burn every stick of incense that you think you need to burn. But when you are done with all of that, realize that you—and all persons who are fixated in a stage and are playing their religious or spiritual roles—are mistaking the dawn for the noon. 

Realize that praying and knelling and bending over and stooping and lying prostrate and reading and visiting and chanting and humming and ringing and burning (and every other external thing you try to use to be more spiritual or to try to demonstrate how spiritual you are) will actually block you from finding the truth which can only be found within after certain pointers are taken into quiet and solitary consideration. 

One must either find a viable treatment plan for the Ultimate Sickness or be doomed to adopt "their" dogma or ideology or philosophy instead. Moreover, both the historical and current evidence show that nothing is more destructive, relatively speaking, than buying into "their"c dogma or ideology or philosophy.

It eventually had to be asked, “WHO [what ego-state] wants to be a ‘Supreme Self’? Who is making the dualistic claims that 'I am free of all concepts' and 'I am freed from assuming identities' but then claiming as well that 'I Am the Supreme'?” 

Focusing on the “I Am” is a tool that is only effective after body identification is forfeited. Then, the “I Am” can be used to negate the mind which supports the personality that wants to add words after the “I Am”: “I am spiritual”; “I am a teacher”; “I am good”; “I Am the Supreme.” 

The only reason for the pointer to “focus only on the ‘I Am’” is to divert the focus from the false identities that have been assumed, from the talk about “I am so-and-so.” 

Once the last four personas (“The Religious One” and “The Spiritual Giant” and "The Super Seeker" and "The Knower") have been cast aside, the use of the “I Am” can also end, right along with the former belief in “The User of Spiritual Tools.” 

Supernatural living leads to magical thinking which convinces persons that they can have access to power that will allow them to control. 

The master addiction among persons is a desire to control, and the secondary addiction is the addiction to power, which they think will allow them to control. The result among persons is belief in the illusion of power / powers and an overwhelming desire to control others, to control their surroundings, or to control other nations. 

When persons become religious or spiritual, they try to use their "power" / "Power" / Superpower to control their racing, variable, tortuous “minds” or to control the behavior and "minds" of others (all of which is impossible since what they are trying to control is a mirage). 

The more that persons believe they have power, the more they believe they can affect when it rains, can influence who heals, can impact the paths of hurricanes, can control who wins wars and who loses, can control who receives blessings and who is cursed, ad infinitum. 

Supernatural beliefs are the compost from which spring the caca-like illusions of megalomania, egomania, and self-aggrandizement; therefore, while religion and spirituality are not to be avoided completely, they are to be transitioned at some point so that one can reach the "no-identity, zero concepts" state Maharaj endorsed.

Religion and spirituality are but one step (only the third of seven, actually) along a "path" to the freedom which happens when the understanding of "natural" displaces unnatural and supernatural thinking. 

In order to be reincarnated or to have a resurrection and life eternal, you would have to be a body and a mind and you would have to "have" a personality. 

Here, the universal consciousness speaks to you of the no-self, no-Self, no-SELF Reality. 

All these "teachings" are just words and concepts which can guide you to understanding, wisdom, and sanity and then to the no-word silence and to the no-identity, no-concept bliss. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

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