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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Ninety-One

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As frequent visitors to this site know, the approach used here often involves first offering pointers and then following those with examples and illustrations to clarify or reinforce the pointers. 

Nevertheless, there is always a hesitancy to do so because humans are addicted to comparing and usually end up drawing conclusions which either lead to them (1) seek attention or pity by exaggerating their own circumstances and claiming that "my case is much worse than his or hers"; or (2) minimize their own condition by claiming, "Well, I'm not near as insane as they are, so I'm not near as crazy as some have said." 

That said, the risk will be taken to share a recent example of the pointers offered here which show how warped perspectives can become if persons fixate at the third of seven steps to realization (that step being the one where such roles as "The Super Religious One," "The Spiritual Giant," and "The One Who Believes in a God and Knows Exactly What God's Will Is." 

This past Tuesday, on the floor of the Oklahoma House of Representatives, lawmakers debated a bill that would ban abortion even if genetic abnormalities and Down syndrome is detected. [During her pregnancy last year, my daughter, while awaiting results of genetic tests, said that she would not abort even if the tests results indicated the child would have Down Syndrome. Yet she remains "pro-choice," so she also said "That does not mean that other women in such cases should not have to right to choose otherwise. In either case, we should have the right to decide for themselves."] 

The bill in Oklahoma, if passed, says that doctors could have their licenses suspended or revoked, face $100,000 fines, and be sued by women who’ve had abortions. During the debate, representatives fought over whether exceptions should be made for rape and incest. 

During a heated exchange, Democrat Cory Williams asked Republican George Faught, “Is rape the will of God?” 

Faught took a moment to collect his thoughts before he finally answered that . . . "It is." He continued, “Well, you know, if you read the Bible, there’s actually a couple circumstances where that happened."

“The Lord uses all circumstances," Fraught said. 

Williams then asked Faught if he also believes that incest is also the will of God. 

Faught: “It’s a great question to ask, and, obviously if it happens in someone’s life, it may not be the best thing that ever happened. But to believe otherwise," Fraught asserted, then "You’re saying that God is not sovereign with every activity that happens in someone’s life and can’t use anything and everything in someone’s life, and I disagree with that.” 

Whether dealing with a male who is minimizing the effects of incest or rape on a woman; or a fanatic beheading one he has labeled "an infidel"; or one breaking up with a mate "because he is not a real Christian"; or someone claiming that he's for less government interference in people's lives while trying at the same time to legislate who can marry whom and who cannot marry whom and what kind of sex act is okay and what kind of sex act is his "not-approved-list," there is no greater call for different perspectives than among those fanatics with warped perspectives who are in a position to force those perspectives onto others.

And while political fanatics, sports fanatics, racial fanatics, xenophobic fanatics and others types of fanatics churn up all sorts of chaos on the planet, none of those can come close to the levels of chaos and separation and broken relations and murder and war which have been churned up over the last 5000 years by religious and spiritual fanatics. 

Is it any wonder that Maharaj did not say, 

"Whatever political things you aspire to know are all happening in this objective world, in the illusion. All is dishonesty. There is no truth in this fraud" 

but did say 

"Whatever spiritual things you aspire to know are all happening in this objective world, in the illusion. All is dishonesty. There is no truth in this fraud." 

Is it any wonder that Maharaj did not say, 

"I advise you to give up sports and follow your vocation" 

but did say 

"I advise you to give up spirituality and follow your vocation." 

Is it any wonder that Maharaj did not say that, in his case, 

"There is no xenophobic love of India left" 

but did say that, in his case, 

"There is no spirituality left." 

Talk about eventually evolving into a condition in which totally different perspectives prevailed. 

The related perspectives here include these: 

No being (of any kind) exists pre-manifestation or post-manifestation in / as THAT Absolute state. 

That includes no True Self, no Supreme Self, no Infinite Self, no Supreme Being, and no other kind of self / Self / being / Being / personal beingness / Supreme Being or Beingness. No “good” label is being sought and no “bad” label is being avoided. 

Now to continue with the discussion of other perspectives which differ from those held by the masses, perspectives which can manifest especially if realization is combined with the yoga which invites natural living vs. unnatural or supernatural living. More of the different perspectives which have come here include the following: 

The exact same providence awaits those who take themselves to be persons as well as those who do not: the ultimate fate of all manifested consciousness is that it will unmanifest and be re-absorbed into the pool of universal consciousness. 

The guaranteed cycling of conscious-energy means that those who believe themselves to be persons will eventually be free of all concerns, just as is the case with the realized. 

When the consciousness unmanifests and merges into that vast pool of energy called “The Absolute,” it knows nothing. 

Ultimately, it is irrelevant if that speck of consciousness when manifested knew Itself or if it mistook itself for the roles that the obstructed consciousness leads persons to think they are. 

The only difference happens NOW: persons suffer chaos and emotional intoxication while the Realized witness and feel, but after the consciousness is no longer manifested, the result is the same: consciousness will be unmanifested and unknowing. 

As Szent-Gyorgyi said, “What drives life is . . . a little electric current, set up by the sunshine.” 

If that fact is understood, then what room remains for arrogance, for ego, or for ego-states assumed as identities? 

If you complete this "journey," you’re going to see exactly, step-by-step, how you got from the Absolute state to the false belief that you’re a body. 

And you’re going to see how to get from believing that you are a body to Realization of the Absolute. Seeing the complete cycle, then you’re going to understand all the cycles (including how the "cycling in" happens and how the "cycling out" happens). 

You will understand each step of the "way in," all the way from the Absolute to body identification; then you will understand why the way to realizing (and abiding as) the Absolute happens only when each of those steps is taken again, in reverse order. 

Only from the conditioned mind of an assumed 'self' can self-importance come. When the last ‘who’ disappears, the understanding of THAT appears. The question is not, 'Who am I?' The question is, 'What am I'?” 

 If it's entropy and chaos and change you find unacceptable, then know that you are the Absolute. 

Know, therefore, that you are fixed, immutable, ineradicable, constant, invariable. 

All that you perceive as being variable is misperception, merely fiction imagined via your "variable mind."

I Am prior to beingness, prior to consciousness, and even prior to non-beingness. 

I have passed eternity being That, but for now I just happen to be in movement with other waves and particles of energy during this present temporary cycling into manifestation. This "floyd" or this "you" is nothing more than the result a cosmic accident, an accident that was facilitated along the way by an act of friction. Wherefore "pride"? 

Egotism and programming block acceptance of the fact that, if I (the Absolute) am beyond beingness and non-beingness, then the Absolute is beyond beingness and non-beingness. 

Nothing remains that prefers either an extension of the manifestation nor an end to the manifestation. It's called functioning from a position of neutrality: no desires . . . no fears. 

Enjoyment certainly happens though nothing is desired. 

Nothing is feared since there is nothing to register fear. 

The consciousness functions from a position of neutrality, knowing that if persons are trapped in seeking the applause of the village, they must also be prepared to accept the scorn of the town as well. 

All is neutral, and all persons can reach that position of neutrality via full realization. 

Understanding the unicity reveals that a pile of ashes, a pile of dust, you, a dog, a tree, a piano, and a plant are no different. 

All of those “seemingly different things” are one thing. 

Supposed differences perceived by the human eye and misunderstood as a result of warped “minds” are the result of varying vibrational frequencies only. 

Humanity’s (post-programming) propensity for misperceiving everything makes persons believe that differences are real rather than grasping the truth of the unity beyond the wrongly-perceived multiplicity. 

Abidance as the consciousness guarantees that duality will never be forfeited completely. 

Only the Awareness is “One” without any “one.” 

Consciousness can know the "not two." Awareness is the absolute "not two." 

If one stays alert to the reality of "not two-ness," then for the sake of discussion that one might take consciousness to be the essence of beingness, the re-purified consciousness to be the essence of non-beingness, and awareness to be the essence of the Reality beyond both beingness and non-beingness. 

In the no-concept, non-dual Reality, there is no "one thing as opposed to some other thing." 

The "realized non-dualist" understands that "I AM THAT; I AM" can be stated and understood without any sense of duality at all. So can "Consciousness / Awareness." 

What persons call "love" is the most magnificent experience of all; it is also the most horrendous experience of all. 

With such duality, how can that possibly be taken for the real? As for feeling or emotion, if love happens as a feeling, take the ride and watch the feelings rise and fall; if love happens as an emotion—that is, if it is being "experienced" by a person in an ego-state—prepare for war. 

 If there is no "do-er," and if there is no identity that is real, then there is no "lover" either. If there is no lover, then find WHO (which ego-state) thinks she / he is experiencing anything. 

Persons desiring to know what love is (what Real Love is) might benefit more (relatively speaking, of course) if they were able to understand what Real Love is not. 

Ego is believing that there’s a vast multiplicity arranged in a hierarchy and that you’re the pinnacle. 

Humility is knowing that you’re nothing, no-thing. 

Real Love is knowing that you are everything. 

Can you, from the position of "As If Living" which follows full realization, feel and share Unconditional Love? Not only can you, but you shall. In fact, once again, no choice will be involved. It will just happen . . . spontaneously and unequivocally. 

The Advaitin poet William Shakespeare wrote: “The heavens themselves, the planets, and this centre observe degree, priority, and place. Insisture, course, proportion, season, form, office, and custom, in all line of order.” The Nisarga Yoga approach offers a direct route to the understanding that results in a natural way of AS IF living (that is, a natural way of functioning). 

That means living / functioning spontaneously for the remainder of the manifestation, knowing that the "world" is illusory but living as if any of "all this" matters. 

Consider: employment can happen even without the assumption of an "employee" persona. Similarly, "spousing" can happen with assumption of a role, "parenting" can happen without assuming a role, etc. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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