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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Ninety-Two

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Ultimately, to try to support any “identity” alongside “the no-concept, non-dual reality” is itself contradictory. 

At the “highest level” of understanding, any “identity” is seen to be conceptual. 

“Bliss” is merely an undisturbed, unconcerned vibration. 

The ultimate non-dual understanding is that there need not be any understanding. So relax. 

When a “state” of zero concepts is reached, it is understood that there is no “identity” at all. 

Nothing from nothing leaves . . . nothing, not “SOMETHING.” 

“Absolute,” “THAT,” “Brahman,” “God,” “energy,” “energy-matter,” “Consciousness,” “Awareness,” “SOMETHING,” "SELF," "SELF-ness," "Supreme SELF," and "Infinite SELF" are still man-made labels generated by persons. 

Ultimately, to find out “who or what you are” is useless since there is no who to benefit, no user to use. 

Finding out “who you are not” could eliminate unnatural and supernatural living and allow natural, AS IF living to happen throughout the remainder of the manifestation. That would also allow freedom to happen, and only if free can bliss happen. 

The non-realized masses are addicted to chaos, forever trying to escape their sense of boredom and emptiness. Only when the addiction to the sound and the fury ends can the joy and bliss of the silence begin. 

To look to the universe and to focus on the concept of “SOMETHING” prevents seeing “The Reality of the Emptiness,” “The Reality of the Void,” “The Reality of the Nothingness.” 

Ego always wants more; freedom from the bondage of ego results in giving value to less. 

Ego is about going and doing and zooming in order to collect more; freedom from the love of more allows the non-doingness (the beingness only) to manifest, at least temporarily. 

Persons search for “the divine” and for an understanding of all that is “supernatural” when, in fact, there is nothing that is supernatural at all. The result of their having been fooled is an endless stream of desires and fears among persons. Those create a constant sense of longing, and longing generates a constant sense of dis-ease. It also inspires persons to look for power or some external, other-worldly Power in order to take care of them and give them everything they desire.

Understanding the functioning of the totality has not advanced a single iota in 5000 years since virgins were raped, killed, cut open with a knife, and had their hearts - body and blood - removed and eaten by the priest and then passed throughout the crowds in an act of communion with an angry rain god in an effort to appease him and thereby receive the rains which their crops needed in order to survive. The abnormal norm occurring and reoccurring on a regular basis during those days =


Today, Sunday, the 26th of March at 9:15 A.M. in this timezone, the same abnormal norm continues as many among the present-day 2.2 billion Christians who still laud virginity (without knowing why the pagan religion, which their present religion evolved from, wanted an unending and steady supply of virgins) and who even believe that their savior was "born of a virgin," will gather and practice vampirism and cannibalism by drinking what is supposedly the blood of their savior and by eating what is supposedly the body of their savior, modeling that for their children and setting the youth up to perpetuate that barbaric act for yet another generation.

The non-realized never come to the understanding that it is only from a condition of emptiness (empty of concepts, of identities, of a “mind”) that a sense of fulfillment can happen during the manifestation. 

The realized can taste what the Italians call il dolce di fare niente—“the sweetness of doing nothing.” 

The fully realized (that is, those fully freed of all learned ignorance) will shift even beyond that and will understand something even simpler than “the sweetness of doing nothing,” namely, il dolce di Niente—“the sweetness of Nothing,” period. 

Trace your roots. Go beyond self and Self, beyond Consciousness, beyond Awareness, and even beyond the Absolute to the seminal Nothingness. Abide as such. 

Maharaj said that most who think that they have really "gotten this deal" are actually just "trapped in their kindergarten-level spirituality."  

Those are the ones stuck at the third of seven steps on the "path" from identification with the false "I" to truly and fully understanding the functioning of the totality. 

Those are the ones playing their "new and improved roles" such as "The Super Religious One," "The Spiritual Giant," "The Super Seeker" and "The Omniscient Knower."

Those are the ones who, per Maharaj, "Think that they are being bathed in the full light of the noonday sun when they are actually still standing in the dull light of dawn."

They are the ones who think they now hold a Doctor's Degree in Realization" without understanding what Maharaj explained about realization, namely that "it is nothing more than freedom from learned ignorance."

Those are the ones who think that the Ultimate Sickness, which Maharaj later identified as a Mental Sickness, can be treated magically and effectively by tapping into some other-worldly power / Power / Powers by way of becoming experts in dogma or by becoming closer to some God or gods or goddesses by way of "spiritual exercises." 

Those are the ones who do not understand that there is no spirit within which can be made stronger by way of massaging it with special religious or spiritual exercises any more than an empty wallet can become filled with money by rubbing it in some special way. 

Rub what you believe to be a magic lantern all you want, but understand that no genie will ever appear and grant you the fulfillment of three wishes. 

Nor will any God or god or goddesses ever do that for you, either, much less fulfill not just three wishes but the millions of things which persons ask their God or gods or goddesses (through billions of prayers each day) to do for them.

That non-dual comedian and sharer of wisdom George Carlin said that he used to pray to God for all sorts of petty things and it seemed that about half the time he got what he wanted and about half the time he didn't. As an experiment, he stopped praying to God and started wishing on four-leaf clovers, a rabbit's foot, a lucky horseshoe, etc., etc., etc. The result? He got what he wanted about half the time, and about half the time he didn't. Same result as trying to get a god to give him what he wanted and to entice a god to intervene and prevent all the things which he did not want to happen.

So it is when expecting a savior, a politician, a business leader, a friend, a lover, a spouse, a rich uncle or anyone else to intervene from without and rescue you when all of your problems are actually originating from within.

Where within? Within some dreamed-up "sick spirit" which needs healing? No. Within the mind which needs healing / purging? Yes. 
All identities are limiting. Limitations restrict freedom. Restrictions of freedom prevent the manifestation of happiness during the relative existence. Preoccupation with finding identities and assigning labels has the same effect. 

If you would be free, align with the nothingness. Reach the space. 

If the part of the brain called "the mind" were to be purged of all of the foolishness stored therein, then that part of the brain would reach the space, too, which was its original condition: just an empty part of the brain with nothing stored therein originally, allowing the relative existence to unfold spontaneously under the auspices of the all-natural brain rather than under the auspices of the mind-part of the brain which is filled with unnatural and supernatural and nonsensical beliefs. 

If you would be unconcerned, then - per Maharaj - "all of your knowledge must go into liquidation." Has that happened? Have you reached the space? 

Ultimately, even “nothing” as a concept is abandoned. 

Non-duality (at the purest and most advanced level of the teachings / un-teachings) endorses zero concepts. 

All of the mutated versions of Advaita (especially those which have been morphed into a religion by men with hidden agendas" are bastardizations. Those bastardizations have been fabricated via the warped consciousness, accepted as truth by other specks of warped consciousness, and passed along now by such specks to other such specks. 

There is a process whereby, from the nothingness, a particle can manifest. This entire universe began with the instantaneous manifestation of an atom within a vacuum. 

It is from the nothingness that all manifestation happens spontaneously. After some groupings and ungroupings happen, the Nothingness will again prevail. 

Prior to “this universe,” prior to Awareness, prior to Consciousness, and prior to manifestation, there was a “time” when only a vacuum was. Your “ultimate root” is even prior to time. 

If you’re interested in oneness, understand that everything in this universe began as one, single atom that manifested within the emptiness of a vacuum. 

Purged of all identities, ideas, beliefs, and concepts, the consciousness can function as an empty vacuum. 

Originally, the empty vacuum was undisturbed, unconcerned . . . without burden, without activity, without any doingness. 

The relative existence is miserable for those who are “full of it.” If you would be undisturbed, unconcerned, without burden, without activity, without any doingness, then be the emptiness. Reach the space and abide as such. 

Fear not . . . nothing is coming. No judgment . . . no endless punishment. 

Desire not . . . nothing is coming. No endless celestial caroling . . . no heavenly brothels . . . no extraterrestrial orgies . . . no endless reward. 

Nothing later? Correct, so enjoy, NOW. 

TOMORROW: Additional different perspectives which came via the vision. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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