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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Ninety-Three

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The series will close with a sharing of the new and different perspectives which came by way of a particular vision. Those familiar with "floyd's journey" know that 

a. the stage was set early on to rebel against the programming, conditioning, etc.; 

b. that persons in authority eventually quelled the rebellion; and c. that the quelled rebellion blocked authenticity and blocked the ability to perceive clearly. The familiar also know 

d. that the subconscious drive to escape from the frustrating and exasperating and maddening sense of being blocked from the authenticity took a serious toll; 

e. that exposure to hundreds and hundreds of sources - including all of what Maharaj disparagingly called "the Big Name Teachers" who are to be avoided - did nothing to remove the blockage; 

f. that finding the words of Maharaj began to remove the blockages somewhat (especially after exposure to his later non-religious, non-spiritual, purer Nisargan talks); 

g. that even the pointers received from Maharaj did not remove all of the blockages (but did set the stage for turning back finally to the inner resource, the inner guru, that had been pointing out the culture's BS from early on); 


h. set the stage to receive an inner vision which provided the understanding of the functioning of the totality and why the Ultimate Sickness manifests and why most versions of the Ultimate Medicine do not provide a viable treatment plan. 

When satsang was being offered here, and when seekers come for a non-dual retreat, what happens with them when the discussion of the vision unfolds is often exactly what happened me we as the vision unfolded originally. There is almost always an "Aha!" kind of reaction to the clarity that comes with an understanding of the content of that vision. It was a "game-changer" here and has often a game-changer of seekers who have read it over the years and grasped the message or who have come here and heard it and grasped the message. 

The vision made clear that there are seven degrees of separation from reality among humans. The separation comes about during the initial "coming in process" (that is, during the process of manifesting-and-being-programmed-conditioned, etc.); therefore, there are seven specific steps during the "reversing" - the "going back" - that must be undertaken to move from body identification to full realization (that is, to full freedom from what Maharaj called "learned ignorance").

[That understanding, in turn, made clear that - as Maharaj often said - attaining realization really is a fairly simple process. Once "the Absolute" and "realization" have been stripped of all of the conceptualized and exalted and illustrious and elevating and glorifying acclaim that has been attached to them over the centuries, then the simple process of manifesting and unmanifesting as illustrated in the vision can be seen and understood. There is nothing special about the manifestation, and the vision made most clear that there is nothing special about unmanifesting.] 

The vision made clear that if - at the third step - seekers do not stop playing any and all false roles (including their false religious and spiritual roles), then they will never move beyond the third of seven steps and they will never realize; in fact, when stuck at the third of seven steps, they will obviously never even reach the halfway point to realization. 

[That, in turn, made clear Maharaj's point that there are those who are standing in the dim light of dawn but are imaginings that they have completed the full journey and are now being bathed in the bright light of the noonday sun.] 

The vision made clear that nothing is born and that nothing dies and that all that is happening is a cycling of the energy-matter that has always existed. 

The vision made clear that, because energy-matter can neither be created nor destroyed, there is no creator and there is no destroyer. 

The vision made clear that if that is nothing created or destroyed, it is a fact that there is no "Creator" and no "Destroyer" and, thus most certainly, no need during the relative for a Sustainer. 

The vision made clear that manifesting and unmanifesting happen spontaneously and that neither involves any meaning or purpose at all. 

The vision made clear that there should be as little focusing on - and being concerned about - one's unmanifesting as there is about one's next breath. 

The vision made clear that there is no "one" to benefit from being religious, spiritual, virtuous, or "good" and that it is an understanding of the Oneness and Love which leads the realized away from any desire to harm anyone. 

[To some Subject-Object observers, the realized might appear to be "good" even as they reject the dualistic concept of "good vs. evil" and "moral vs. immoral." As far as explaining the non-realized's labeling of some people as "evil," it was seen via careful consideration of what happens during the vision and via what did not happen in the vision (namely, judgment, eternal reward vs. eternal punishment, eternal pain vs. eternal pleasure, etc.) that in the absence of there being any chance at all that the concepts of "good" and "evil" are valid, then the only other plausible explanation for what the masses call "evil acts" is offered by Maharaj who saw the problem of humanity as being rooted in "ignorance and stupidity and insanity." That understanding of actual "motivation and cause" eliminates any overly-simplistic, dualistic explanation for human conduct and also allows for understanding humanity's "real issues" which need to be addressed rather than dismissing any act that is thought to be unsavory as "evil."] 

Therefore, the vision also made clear that there is no post-dissolution reward or punishment. 

The vision made clear that the Second Law of Thermodynamics does accurately point to the non-dual fact that things merely come together spontaneously and that all things will eventually come apart spontaneously. All in between that is taken be "a life" is "much ado about nothing"  among the non-realized who live in ignorance and insanity as a result of ignorant and insane programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing and indoctrination.

The vision made clear that fear is based in not understanding and that courage is based in the understanding of the functioning of the totality which follows realization (that is, the purging of ignorance).

The vision made clear that body and mind and personality identification are all obstacles to realization and that each step which moves one away from those is a step which moves a seeker closer to realization. 

The vision made clear that manifesting, Realizing, abiding sanely and unmanifesting are all legs of what is, overall, a "four-part, four-leg journey." 

The vision made clear that abidance as one's Original Nature is sane and natural and that anything else is unnatural (including things deemed "supernatural" or "spiritual"). 

The vision made clear that while a guide or guru can be a temporary requirement for assisting one in reaching the arch - that is, for putting a seeker on the proper "path" and headed in the proper direction away from body identification alone - the movement through the steps to the final dissolution, to the total understanding, and to full realization did not happen in congregations or flocks or assemblies or groups or gatherings or meetings or in any venue that is not a natural one. 

The vision showed that most use needless and superfluous and gratuitous venues. (Those venues can now be seen to include churches; spiritual groups; temples; mosques; ashrams; cathedrals; synagogues; "houses of worship"; shrines; places on earth that some deem to be "special and holy and mystical"; groups that chant; groups around tables with captive audiences where the abnormal norm is to talk and talk and talk; groups with members who become emotionally-intoxicated and roll around on the floor during their services; groups that speak "in tongues" that they claim are "unknown, even to them"; groups that hum or chant; groups that ring "special" bells or hit "special bowls" with "special sticks" or who inhale "special" perfumed smoke and do things with "special" water; or in any other man-made structure or any man-designated place). 

The vision made clear that none of those unnatural and / or supposedly supernatural complications are necessary. 

In the vision, it was made clear that all happened privately, alone in a natural setting, not in any place made by man for the purpose of "worship" or "idolization" or "reverence" or "veneration" or for the purpose of showing off one's assigned or assumed religious and / or spiritual roles or for any other unnatural or supposedly-supernatural purpose. 

In the vision, it was made clear that all happened without the accompaniment of smoke screens and bells and whistles and earthly choirs or "heavenly" choirs or heavenly brothels.

The vision made clear that realization requires no shouting or chanting or singing or screaming or babbling by other people because, in the vision, there were no other people. Preceding the vision, certain key pointers were offered, and then the understanding unfolded spontaneously via the content of the vision which came.

The vision made clear not only exactly what is required for full realization (which is minimal) but also made clear what is not required (additions which, on this planet, are excessive and extreme and disproportionate to what, in the end, is a process that was shown in the vision to be exactly as Maharaj described: "simple"). 

The vision made clear that the Absolute (the so-called "Ultimate Reality" or "Great Reality") is actually nothing more than an all-pervasive "field of energy" in which pre-manifestation consciousness is at rest in the form of Awareness; and consciousness itself was shown to be, merely and simply, conscious-energy, energy which has, as one property, a propensity for "conscious-of-ness" if / when manifested. 

The vision showed that the Absolute is merely that "field of energy" from which consciousness can be drawn into manifestation. 

The vision also depicted the "field" to which consciousness returns during the unmanifesting. 

The vision revealed what the lowest, tiniest common "something" is (which all in this universe is and which all in all universes is and always has been). 

The vision showed that ALL is without beginning and without end with nothing ever having been "created," with nothing ever having been "destroyed," and, therefore, with nothing ever in need of an "Other-Worldly, All-Powerful (yet really inefficient) Sustainer." 

In the vision, not once did a "Creator" or "Destroyer" or "Sustainer" appear. 

In the vision, all happened spontaneously and without any single cause or "causer" or "Causer." 

In the vision, nothing that happened had any unnatural or supernatural / religious / spiritual element. All happened naturally; hence, the incorporation of the Nisarga Yoga with the Direct Path Teaching Method that is used here. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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