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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Ninety-Six

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Maharaj said, "Only that person will visit this place whose virtue and sin have come to an end." 

Some have taken from that the perspective that they have a license to "sin," that is, to do whatever (relative) harm they want to whomever or to whatever they want.

To reject all beliefs and thereby reject any duality-based notions about "what is moral vs. what is immoral" and about "who is moral and who is immoral" is not to say, "It does not matter if I do things which people consider to be immoral and if I do whatever I want to whomever or to whatever I want." 

The realized abide in a spontaneous fashion which will appear to objective observers to be "moral" but which is really just natural and normal without having to forever analyze if any given word or action is either "moral" or "immoral."

Marcus Tullius Cicero was a fairly wise Roman philosopher, politician, lawyer, orator, political theorist, consul, and constitutionalist who lived in Rome some 2,120 years ago, He said that there are six mistakes which humans have made throughout history and which they continue to make to the present, and the number one mistake is "believing that personal gain is made by crushing others." 

If one understands Maharaj's pointers regarding what wisdom is and what Love is and what the sense of oneness is, then one will function in a way which spontaneously and automatically preempts any possibility of believing that (1) "personal gain" and accumulation are worthy goals; that (2) there are "others"; and that (3) it is fine and acceptable and even necessary to "crush others" in the pursuit of personal gain. 

My Cherokee grandmother, by word and deed, instilled in me a sense of respect for "Mother Earth" and "Father Sky." She was not a fanatical environmentalist on a campaign; she was one that merely understood that if a child falls into a body of water, it cannot breath so it is Loving to pull the child out of the water so it can inhale fresh air and survive. Similarly, she knew that clean air for breathing is required for the sustenance of all composite unities, both now and in the future.

She was one who understood that the adage "Waste not, want not" was rooted in non-duality. For example, she knew that when the men returned from a hunt with a deer that none of it would be wasted and that every single piece and parcel of the deer's elemental plant food body would be used: 

Everything edible would be eaten; the hides were used to make all sorts of clothing or to make shelter or to stretch across wooden frames to make the seats for chairs; she knew that the brains could be used to tan the hides in order to make soft, comfortable jackets or leather purses and carryalls; the antlers were used to make tools; the hooves were boiled to make glue; the bones were cracked for their marrow and were then used to make handles for knives or tools; 

smaller racks / horns were used to make buttons and zipper pulls; the tongue and other parts were used to season cabbage and other vegetables; stomachs were used for water storage; sinews and intestines were used to make tools and bow strings and were used for sewing or for making jewelry to wear or - more often - to trade for other goods; and tallow was used as a lubricant for metals, as a conditioner for leathers, and to make candles. 

And while the walking stick given to Grandmother had a bear claw on the end, the walking stick she gave me had a hooked anther on the end. Both were used to slide under a snake's midsection and to set it aside (a technique often used with the copperheads in her woods which had a habit of lying out in sunny spots on the trails we walked together). 

So what would Grandmother's perspective have been in regards to those persons who believe that it is acceptable to crush "others" - and to crush the planet - for "personal gain"? The notion would be totally foreign. According to her perspective, all was to be shared, including the earth, the air, housing, food, water . . . all.

For a time she lived in a tent while her relatives and their friends were clearing land in East Texas in order to build a log cabin that would be some 60' wide and several times as long. Once the building was complete, three extended families hung hides from the roof to the earth floor in order to partition the cabin into three sections and then all shared it as their home. 

Those ancestors of mine were realized, that is free of ignorance and destructiveness and an unchecked desire to accumulate and to waste and to defile; thus, they did not crap inside their home. In their perspective, to crap in one's home would have been ignorant, stupid, and totally insane. 

Nor did they wreck their home or defile it or debase it or degrade it or pollute it. They respected the home and they respected the people who were sharing the home with them, a home which they all knew they were only using temporarily and which they therefore took care of in order to be able to pass it along to their offspring to also use temporarily someday.

And they understood that the greater home for humanity is planet earth.

A man with a house on the same street as the one I live in is unemployed, laid off by the oil industry when supply exceeded demand several years ago. On my walks in the morning, I have heard him share with neighbors how much he abhors "tree huggers" who have ruined oil workers' chances to make what was once a great living;

how much he abhorred Obama for his environmental initiatives that strangled the opportunity for businessmen and women to "make some real money"; and how happy he is that he is soon to get a job in which he will be paid to ship tar sand oil across the U.S. from Canada to the Gulf coast in order for that oil to be shipped to other parts of the globe. 

In the U.S., over 1.3 million gallons (4.9 million liters) of petroleum are spilled into U.S. waters from vessels and pipelines in a typical year. Here, over 365 pipeline ruptures occur annually, meaning that every day, on average, there is another breach and more contamination. Tar sand stands alone as the dirtiest type of oil on the planet. 

What would Grandmother say about flushing such contaminants into 36-inch pipes which will move it some 1,200 miles across the nation? You know.

More to the point, what does that have to do with non-duality and realization? Everything. 

The realized are free of any and all desire to accumulate, free of any and all desire to waste, free of any and all desire to defile their home, free of any and all desire to contaminate all rather than to purify all, free of any and all desire to disrespect the land and the sky, and free of any and all desire to allow the goal of "personal gain" to crush any and all other considerations. 

If there is no excessive desire to accumulate, there will not be any willingness to waste. 

Maharaj: "Whatever you do for your own sake accumulates and becomes explosive." 

If there is sanity, persons will not "take a dump in their own house" (and will not dump waste into lakes and rivers and oceans, either). 

If there is no fear or greed, the effects of contamination will not be outweighed by the desire for riches. 

But for the greedy, all of those considerations are "the kind of dreamy nonsense which hinders businesses and business people from accomplishing their goals and attaining personal gain." 

If there is no greed, there will be no willingness to crush others. 

Maharaj: "To be selfish means to covet, acquire, accumulate on behalf of the part against the whole" 


"Live your life without hurting anybody" 


"What kind of world can a man create who is stupid, greedy, heartless?" 

Maharaj promoted " Ahimsa," that is "Harmlessness, abstaining from hurting others in thought, word or deed." 

He said: "The split between the personality and individuality is characteristic of our present-day humanity. On one side the individuality with its longing for the true, the good and the beautiful; on the other side an ugly struggle between habit and ambition, fear and greed, passivity and violence" 


"All suffering is caused by selfish isolation, by insularity and greed."

To transcend the widespread tendency among humans who have now normalized the act of crapping in their own home - in their "greater home" - requires first and foremost transcending the widespread tendency among those same humans who have now normalized their polluted and contaminated minds.

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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