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THE ULTIMATE SICKNESS: Causes, Symptoms, Aspects, Effects, TREATMENT, Part Ninety-Seven

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[Continued from yesterday]

The reason that Grandmother and her relatives and those in her community so cherished that which they pointed to with the terms "Mother Earth" and "Father Sky" was because of what they understood. 

They understood the functioning of the totality, the way that sunshine / light interacts with plants and allows for the manifestation of consciousness within a composite unity . . . that is, within an elemental plant food body. 

They also understood that the composite unity must circulate clean air and that the composite unity circulates conscious-energy via the regular consumption of healthy, non-contaminated plant food. 

Even when they ate the meat of deer, they knew that the deer had survived by eating plants and was passing on to them the consciousness-sustaining energy provided by the consumption of healthy plants. 

Maharaj said, "Someday science will advance to the point that it validates all of the non-dual teachings." 

Grandmother, having received no "formal education and learning," was prepared to receive the wisdom passed down to her, so she would have understood the words of the scientist Szent-Gyorgyi when he said, “What drives life is … a little electric current, set up by the sunshine." She understood the functioning of the totality without having to learn scientific words or principles, and she understood the necessity of healthy plants and sunshine and clean water in the process she was temporarily a part of.

The wisdom - such as that shared via the vision - allows one to understand without the addition of learned knowledge (a.k.a., "learned ignorance").

In the vision being discussed, the ways of the functioning of the totality were made clear as certain natural elements appeared throughout. Prevalent throughout the vision were these four: 

1. healthy plants and forests and clean lands 

2. water in the form of a branch ("branch water") and a pool and a waterfall and a stream irrigating a desert and an ocean and a lake 

3. pure winds / clean air 


4. light . . . in fact, very bright light. 

What the vision did include was a detailed demonstration of how life comes about, a demonstration of how conscious-energy manifests and cycles, and a demonstration of how the four life-facilitating components listed above cycle and allow spaces (called "humans") to form and to survive for a time by (a) consuming healthy elemental plant food (and thus circulating conscious-energy) and by (b) receiving the light both directly as well as by way of plant consumption and by (c) drinking pure water. 

What the vision did include was a presentation of exactly what is required for composite unities (including humans) to form; to provide a space in which the consciousness can manifest; to provide a space capable of circulating air and consuming plant food and thereby allowing for the cycling of - and the continuing manifestation of - conscious-energy for a time. 

Grandmother understood that if persons bastardize the plants of the earth and the water of the earth by inundating them with contaminants, then the present fashion in which the totality is functioning on planet earth - as illustrated in the vision - will end. 

What the vision did not include for the functioning of the totality to continue was a need to ignore the wind and solar energy that the indigenous peoples relied on. 

What the vision did not include for the functioning of the totality to continue was a need to drill into the earth or to frack the earth in order to remove oil and gas and coal.

What the vision did not include for the functioning of the totality to continue was a need to tolerant corporate-induced earthquakes, oil spills, gas line explosions, and the dumping of contaminants in streams and rivers and the pumping of contaminants into the air in order to allow business profits to be greater by not having to invest money in ways to end their contaminating practices.

What the vision did not include  for the functioning of the totality to continue was billionaire mine owners or super rich oil and gas company executives or multi-billionaire business people or millionaire and billionaire politicians, leaders, dictators, despots, tyrants, autocrats, or authoritarians. 

What the vision did not include for the functioning of the totality to continue were imams, ayatollahs, rabbis, priests, preachers, sponsors, cult leaders, super religious persons and their sky cult leaders, or spiritual giants. 

What the vision did not include  for the functioning of the totality to continue were gods or goddesses or a God or any other entities living in some "other world" to control what goes on this planet. To the contrary, everything that happened in the vision happened spontaneously and automatically and instinctively and mindlessly and unthinkingly without input from any kind of "Controller of Things and People" and without any learned ignorance involved at all. 

What the vision did not include  for the functioning of the totality to continue were any unnatural things or concepts or any supernatural things or concepts. All was natural

And because all was natural, then all was mindless; and because all was mindless, then all was also concept-less.

If the functioning of the totality is to continue on planet earth and is to facilitate the functioning of humans and is to allow them to continue to be for a time, then the things which are included in the vision are not optional. They are requirements.

And if the functioning of the totality is to continue on planet earth and is to continue to facilitate the functioning of humans and to allow them to continue to be for a time, then the things which are not included in the vision - but which are currently present on the planet and which are using their influence and authority to jeopardize the things which are in the vision - then those things which are not in the vision must be neutralized. 

Moreover, as far as the relative existence of humans is concerned, that neutralization is a requirement, not an option.

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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