Tuesday, May 09, 2006


F.: This pointer was offered in yesterday’s posting: “Those false personas or ego-states always feel that they need “more” in order to feel complete or okay, so persons are driven to accumulate when the real solution to their trouble is to de-accumulate….” There are five stages from being programming to being free of the effects of programming. The following is a quotation from the book FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE which contains transcripts of talks with proteges:

“I've mentioned five stages that can be transitioned if one takes The Seven-Step Journey to Reality. Persons are exposed to twenty years of programming and conditioning. In the Western cultures especially, the programming is to get, to accumulate. Afterwards, most persons pass the next twenty years in the second stage, consumed with the process of accumulating. Fears and desires mark their passage. Some few might ask, 'Who am I?' and move into the fourth stage as they begin a process of Self-Inquiry, investigation, and discovery. Most persons will never make that shift and will continue trying to accumulate until the relative existence ends. For the few who focus on the search for an answer to that critical question, some will complete all seven steps along the path and reach the fourth stage of realization. [That is the stage where de-accumulation occurs, and de-accumulating does not involve getting rid of physical “stuff” but getting rid of the mental and emotional and persona “stuff” as well.] So what does the remainder of the relative existence look like for the realized? The fifth stage is AS IF Living.”

It is programming that bastardizes the consciousness, and if the consciousness is to become re-puried, it is all of the learned ignorance accumulated via programming that must be discarded. Can persons gathering in groups be programmed and conditioned? Of course. It happened in stadiums when Hitler and Mussolini spoke. It happens in classrooms. It happens in churches and temples and synagogues. It happens when masses listen to speakers via television or radio. It happens around the tables in so-called “spirituality-based” programs.

Can persons gathering in groups be de-programmed and freed of the effects of conditioning? No. Group gatherings are the tools of enculturation and programming, not the tool from attaining freedom from the liability of a "mind" or warped consciousness. Lies are learned in groups; truth is found in the silence when alone; thus, persons who believe that they (or their group) can change the world are misguided.

Can one person at a time be de-programmed and be inspired to de-accumulate? Yes. Realization comes to one person at a time as that person is freed of body identification, “mind” identities, personas or the influence of personality, and beliefs in man-made concepts. That happens when one takes considerations into the quiet and contemplates their meaning in order to see all of the dualistic lies that he/she has been taught and has erroneously accepted as truth. Those who are totally insane (totally out-of-touch with reality) haven’t a chance. They now have “minds” that drive them to live unnaturally or they are under the influence of magical thinking that drives them to buy into supernatural or myth-based beliefs. Only those who are willing to question everything they have been told and who have some ability to tap into the truth that can be known via the inner guru or the inner resource have a chance. Please enter the silence of contemplation.
TOMORROW: “You’ve used the terms ‘false absolutes’ and ‘peripetia’ and I’ve never seen those in my advaita readings. Please elaborate.”