Thursday, May 18, 2006


“In nature, there’s no blemish but the mind.”
—William Shakespeare
F.: "Nonsense" has been defined as “language, conduct, or an idea that is absurd or contrary to good sense” or as that which “leads to instances of absurd action” or as that which “gives supposed value to things of no importance.” It is the collection of all nonsense that becomes known as the “mind.” Humans are born with brains but are not born with minds. The “mind” is that conglomeration of falsehoods and concepts that results when ignorance is learned and when the consciousness is bastardized as a result of persons being programmed to believe in nonsense. Then, in the arrogance that follows the assumption of ego-states as identities, each person will speak of "my mind" rather than realizing that it is "their mind"...nothing more than the accumulation of the beliefs and concepts of others. That results in persons forgetting what they knew intuitively and believing instead in the learned ignorance that they are taught by others.
Consider each element mentioned in the definitions of "nonsense" above to see how persons become trapped in their belief in nonsense:

Say “God bless you,” as if you have the power to get a god to give some blessing to others, even if according to "doctrine" they do not deserve a blessing. Buy into the egotistical belief that you can bring about good fortune for others (or use the phrase openly as an arrogant way to let all know how “holy” you are). The language of "talking in your sleep" can perpetuate the nonsense dreamed up by men in days gone by.

Knell now, rise now, and then knell again. Ring a bell. Put a bowl on a pillow and strike it with a special stick. Wear a special robe or cross. Kill yourself while killing members of other religions. Hum and chant or shout and scream. Ask favors of some external power. Arbitrarily follow holy diets rather than the food plan indicated for your body type. Wave your arms in the air. Roll on the floor. Speak in unknown tongues. Cry. Sing praises. Faint. Give away your possessions or money. Let a healer strike you on the forehead and then swoon. Fight with others who have different beliefs. Cast out demons. Give thanks for all the angels that float about in your presence. Listen to religious leaders who tell you what movies you can or can’t see and which books you can or can’t read. Allow spiritual leaders to tell you what you should or should not eat. Allow men in Rome to influence how many children you have instead of deciding for yourself. Question nothing; believe it all with unwavering "faith." Let outside influences control every thought you think, every action you take, every feeling you feel, and every word you say. The conduct of behaving as others tell you to behave can perpetuate the nonsense so typical among persons. Please enter the silence of contemplation. [To be continued]
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