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Persons (the "non-realized") are also willing to enter onto a "path" and then end up staying on it, and willing to begin a "journey" which never reaches the destination but continue on that "journey" anyway, and are willing to accept a treatment plan which they are told offers no cure for what ails them but normalize that and stay with that ineffective plan, anyway, for this reason as well: 

61. Humans dualistically develop a preference for that which is familiar, a hatred for that which is unfamiliar or "different," and as a result become isolated and separated "creatures of habit." 

Definitions of "a creature of habit" include "a person who often unconsciously and / or subconsciously follows an unvarying routine" and "someone who always wants to do the same things in the same way." And that will get one attached to a never-ending path or journey or treatment plan.

Dale Carnegie said: "When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic but with creatures of emotion." 

And where do the roots of emotions (versus "feelings") lie? In personality identifications. And where do the roots of habits lie? In fear (especially fear of "strangers" or "the other") which is initially rooted in body identification and which becomes exacerbated when mind and personality identifications are introduced via programming, conditioning, domestication, acculturation, brainwashing, and indoctrination. 

By contrast, if one looks at those who either 

(1) have as their primary personality type the Personality Type Four - the Rebel, the One Who Marches to the Beat of a Different Drummer, the Inquisitive One, The Maverick, The Dissenter, The Revolutionary One - 


(2) those who have developed whatever degree of the Type Four they already have, 

are more likely to "feel like 'the other'" than to label persons as "the other." 

For example, with Maharaj, his father had worked as a servant in Bombay before becoming a farmer, and he assigned certain farm chores to his son Maruti (later, "Maharaj"). Though they got along well enough, it was not his father whom Maharaj most related to and admired. While his father was a "typical" man of India struggling to make ends meet, it was someone - a friend of his father's - who was quite "different" from most men Maharaj met in his early days, a man named Vishnu Haribhau Gore.

Rather than being "put off" by someone so different from many among the masses, Maharaj was attracted to the man who seemed to be so unlike the masses. And what was it about him that Maharaj admired?

Gore often talked about topics which most never discussed, and it was said that the boy Maruti "listened attentively and dwelt on these topics far more than anyone would suppose." It was Gore, a man who was quite different from "others" who became for Maharaj his picture of "the ideal man," that being one who is . . .

1. "earnest"

2. "kind"


3. "wise."

It was those "traits" which Maharaj was drawn to and which he would continue to admire and adopt and nurture during his relative existence.

With a Personality Type Four, which was Maharaj's primary type, a man who was "different" from most in those three ways was not someone to be feared but was someone to be modeled. Type Fours come pre-wired with an innate - even if not always recognized - sense of the Oneness . . . with a sense that there is (as the Transcendentalists in the U.S. had discussed earlier) "a unity or a unicity beyond the perceived multiplicity." 

Thus Maharaj would come to understood this: "Everything that exists, exists as my self. There is nothing which is different from me." 

The Type Four, already feeling "different from" even during the early years, is less likely than most persons to develop a preference for that which is familiar, less likely to develop a hatred for that which is unfamiliar or "different," and is less likely to become an isolated and "supposedly separate" creature of habit.

Did Maharaj eventually settle into a pattern, into certain habits? Yes, but that happened

long after his non-attachment to the habitual 


long after his refusal to follow the masses and their way of functioning and their way of talking and behaving which was rooted in their cultural group-think patterns 

had been witnessed and rejected. 

Yes, he did - for a time - fall into the "humdrum," boring, typical ways of his society. He became a successful businessman, a spouse, a father, and a man who played the culture's games and who mimicked to some degree the ways of his fellows in Bombay. 

 It was said that "Most people live in the world of self-consciousness and do not have the desire or power to leave it. They exist only for themselves; all their effort is directed towards achievement of self-satisfaction and self-glorification." 

Admittedly, Maharaj went through that phase, but he never felt truly comfortable - much less fulfilled - during that period when he was trapped in that lifestyle being modeled by the masses and when he was almost as sheep-like as the rest of the people in his nation and city and neighborhood. 

Contrary to what he had sensed about "the Oneness," he began far more often to feel as if he were "apart from" rather than "a part of," so he would abandon his city and family and businesses and move into the "Forest Dweller" stage until he crossed paths with an acquaintance who told him he did not have to give up work, family, his home, whatever, in order to "realize" (realization merely being a process whereby one becomes free of the belief in all learned ignorance). 

He came to see how trapped he was in ignorance when he was playing the role of "The Super Seeker" and when he was on "the path" and was consumed with "his journey" and was behaving obsessively and irrationally, walking about in the forests and mountains while looking all around outside in a blind effort to try to find that which was already inside.

He saw that he had been trying to add on, to accumulate more, to find more when what he all he really needed to do was get rid of, that is, get rid of all of the nonsense that he had been taught and had accepted as truth. He began to understand that the seeking was not about trying to find "That Which I Truly Am" but should be about "finding all that I am not."

And once the seeker finds all that she or he is not, seeking can - and should - end and then abiding naturally and simply can begin. At that point, Maharaj said, one can abide as do the deer, "resting in the cool blue shade" rather than spending the remainder the relative existence entrapped in religious workaholism and / or spiritual workaholism or in a quest for "self"-improvement. Going and doing and zooming can end and relaxing and taking it easy can begin.

That is the same message offered here to all "Super Seekers" and to those trapped in spiritual workaholism and who are behaving as obsessively as Maharaj did during the seeking phase and as obsessively as "floyd" did during the seeking phase. 

After he returned to Bombay after wandering through the forests and along the mountaintops, Maharaj would come to understand fully the difference in Love (which allowed him to know that he is everything, something which the masses have no clue about) vs. "love" (which is a totally dualistic concept which the masses only think they know a great deal about). 

While the realized understand what "the Oneness" and "Love" truly refer to, the masses have no clue at all because they are being driven by their duality-inspired thoughts and their duality-based words and their duality-driven actions, and those types of thoughts and words and actions are all generators of beliefs about being "different from" and therefore being "better-than" those they see as "the other." 

Maharaj advised: "Observe. You are not different from others." 

To understand that fully, persons must observe wisely and see what it is in their cultures - see which people, which institutions, which leaders, which businesses, and which organizations and groups - are propagating beliefs about "different from" and being "better-than" and about "the other." 

The 97% among the earth's population who claim to be affiliated with one religion or another - and the millions more who are bragging that they are "spiritual, not religious!" - will claim that their particular faith and religious or spiritual institutions are "all about loving their neighbors and the people of the world," but the fact is that they are being driven by their institutions and their "paths" to be separated from others and separated from all who are "different."

So . . . white Christians meet here while the black Christians in their neighborhood go over there; Catholic Christians meet here but Protestant Christians meet over there; Sunnis meet here but Shias meet there; Rabbinic, Orthodox and Ultra-Orthodox Jews meet here, but Reform, Conservative, Karaite, Haymanot, Secular, Reconstructionists and Renewal Jews meet there and there and there and there and there and there and there. 

And those Jews and Christians and Muslims alone account for nearly 4 billion of the 7 billion+ persons on the planet. The rest of the 97% are divided and separated and split up here and there and everywhere. 

And all of the above are reinforcing the dualistic belief in "different from" and "better-than" and "us vs. them" and "the other." So much for their message of love and oneness; instead, they are programming and conditioning humans to dualistically develop a preference for that which is familiar, a hatred for that which is unfamiliar or "different," and to become isolated and separated "creatures of habit" who are attached to their "us" vs. "them" mentality.

And it is that kind of ignorance which leads certain persons who think they know it all to actually understand none of the actual facts involved with what they are talking about and to focus on false, dreamed up, prejudice-inspired issues while ignoring issues that are begging to be addressed.

For example, what is "the greatest terrorism threat" in the U.S.? Most with a microphone are claiming "it's those foreign extremists." The facts:

(A) From the year 2005 to the year 2015, 6,292 incidents which were identified as "terrorist-related" were conducted by domestic persons. Only 71 were conducted by "foreign extremists."

(B) Also, as noted before, anyone living in the U.S. is far more likely to be harmed not by a "stranger" or by someone "totally different from them" but by someone "close to them" and "just like them." Fifty-nine percent of all women killed in the U.S. nowadays are killed by a mate or partner. Forty-one percent of all men killed in the U.S. nowadays are killed by a mate or partner.

So much for any credibility at all to the commonplace fear of "the other" and "those who are different" and preferring that which is familiar while hating that which is unfamiliar or "different." Turns out that the belief by the masses that the greatest concern of all should be with "them" vs. "us" when the real issue is . . . "us" vs. "us."

Next, non-realized persons love to hang out with persons who have the same problems they have or who have the same beliefs they have and who look like them for the most and who think the same way they think and who talk the same way they talk and who behave the same way they behave.

If Maharaj had felt that way, no one would have ever been allowed to visit the loft.

The same dualistic propensities lead to judgmentalism, xenophobia-based obsessing, racial discrimination, discrimination based on sexual preference, discrimination based in nationality and in geographic differences, and in distorted perceptions about "dissimilarities," "disparities," "distinctions," "divergences," and "variations" which feed and reinforce perceptions about being "different from" which lead to egotism-based beliefs about being "better than" and about there being an "us" as opposed to "the other." 

And the vehicle which is carrying persons along and feeding them those beliefs and reinforcing those beliefs are the various institutions and organizations and groups which are offering all of their different "paths" and "journeys" and treatment plans which are, in turn, hooking the unawake and unconscious and unaware to believe what they believe, to go out and convince everyone else to believe what they believe, and to stay apart from rather than developing a sense of feeling at one with all. 

And WHO - what ego-state that is being nurtured with a sense of being different from and better than - is willing to give up the path or journey or group which is defending and reinforcing their egotism-and-arrogance-based notions about themselves? 

Obviously, very few. 

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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