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It was noted yesterday that, in the final days of this series, we'll look at "the reasons" which explain why humans prefer the complex over the simple and why they become willing to do what they are told, become willing to follow whatever "path" they are put on as if they are some kind of wind-up toy car; 

become willing to do what they do in a blind and unquestioning manner; and become willing to do that for as long as they live rather than march to the beat of a different drummer. 

It was also noted that we would find the root or roots of each reason and then find how to stop being driven subconsciously by those ignorance-and-insanity-based roots. 

More relevant, however, is understanding that the reason that persons are driven to behave in the manner described above is also the reason that humans are not at peace; cannot relax and do not want to; are attached to going and doing and zooming; are miserable without having a clue in many cases that they are miserable; are suffering without having a clue in many cases that they are suffering; or know that they are miserable and suffering but have never been shown an alternative way to address the core causes, "the core reasons."

Also more relevant is the understanding that none of the reasons which are driving humans in the one area of their lives discussed in this series (i.e., incessant seeking) is also driving them in all areas of their lives: work, "relationships," politicking, recreation, reforming the world, seeking love, performing with a hope that admiration will come, trying to escape, accumulating knowledge, finding caretakers, controlling, avoiding, and dissociating. 

None of the effects of the reasons discussed can be compartmentalized. If they are driving persons to behave obsessively and compulsively in one area - the area which involves excessive and endless seeking and being a super religious person and / or being a spiritual giant - then they will drive persons to behave obsessively and compulsively in all areas of their lives. 

Moreover, in order to stop being driven by subconscious forces (that is, by "the reasons" which are unconsciously motivating, influencing and controlling thoughts and words and actions and which are rooted in ignorance and insanity, even as persons are sure that they are smart and that everyone else might be crazy but that they most certainly are not insane at all) then the reasons must be seen in toto

That is, they must be witnessed from long range and one must see what they all have common overall. It is necessary to what is required to realize (that is, to be freed from being driving subconsciously by learned ignorance and by the hidden agendas of body and mind and personality identifications) and to understand what can "work" and what cannot "work" in the effort to address humanity's real problems at their core. 

It took Maharaj considerable experimentation with various forms of the Ultimate Medicine before he found a version that has the potential to address humanity's real problems:

Initially he tried a Hindu / non-dual version but came to see that it failed to address the Ultimate Sickness; then, being influenced by a wave of Westerners who found their way to the loft, he tried a spirituality / non-dual version but came to see that it also failed to address the Ultimate Sickness; 

eventually, he came to understand that the Ultimate Sickness is not a "too-little dogma illness" nor a "spiritual malady" but is a mental sickness, a mind illness. He came to understand that a psychology / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine was being called for. 

Last Sunday, I listened to a man in Austin, Texas who understands that as well, and he explained clearly to those in his congregation what Maharaj came to understand as well. 

Note: "In his congregation?! You were in a congregation?!" Yep. A couple of people who heard about that were shocked, asking what could possibly convince me to once more enter a church. The simple answer: a daughter and a granddaughter. 

A month ago when my daughter invited me to her daughter's baptism, she said, "I know this is not your thing, but I wanted to invite you anyway, just in case." I answered that, of course, I would be there and that the fact that Dr. Jim Rigby would be delivering a sermon made it all the easier to attend. 

Those who have been visiting this site since at least September of 2015 have heard of Dr. Rigby and have read some of his words which I shared on the 8th of that month because his words are steeped in non-duality, combined with a healthy dose of psychology to boot. As was the case in Maharaj's post-religion, post-spirituality talks, one can also hear the universal consciousness speaking through Jim Rigby.

(That results in the same type of message Maharaj eventually offered, and the case here parallels that of Maharaj. Here, early on, religion and spirituality were offered alongside non-dual pointers, and - as was the case with Maharaj - the long-term results for seekers was nil.) 

Last Sunday, Jim Rigby was true to form, offering an alternate view to those who have been taught the typical concept of God which is offered in most churches and temples and synagogues and wherever else the members of various sky cults meet. He talked about the kind of mind-distorting nonsense which comes when persons are taught to believe in the widely-held concept of a "capricious God who supposedly loves unconditionally but is simultaneously willing to torture forever." 

He also focused on the effects that characterization has on the minds of both children and adults and noted how the mind which buys into the concept of a self-contradictory God can have adverse effects on believers for a lifetime (offering examples of the long-lasting mental effects and ramifications of believing in that concept, some of which are currently being played out on the national level as well as on state and local levels all across the U.S.)

I shared with him afterwards that, had I heard that sermon when I was six, I might have avoided considerable misery and suffering and would certainly have been able to avoid the long and arduous path I had to follow to finally become free of all of the residual effects of that insane religious programming and conditioning and indoctrination. 

So what must be witnessed from long range and what must be seen in terms of what works and what does not work? 

Per both Maharaj and Dr. Rigby as well as via the message offered here, the "ideal" would be to avoid the bastardization of the mind. Since children - and, later, adults - have no say-so in that regard, such avoidance is not likely to happen among the masses; therefore, what "works second best" is being freed from continuing to live under the influence of a bastardized mind. 

As we begin tomorrow to move through the discussion of "the reasons" and see what causes them and what must happen in order to be freed from their usually-subconscious influence (which manifests in all areas of humans' lives), it may become clear why the wise recommend a psychological / non-dual version of the Ultimate Medicine to treat what ails humanity. 

Dogma and spirituality have had at least 5000 years to solve the problem and have failed miserably. Why not try something else for a change and see if it might prove to be more viable?


The 8 September 2015 post alluded to above


a link to some of Jim Rigby's writings.

To be continued. 

Please enter into the silence of contemplation. 

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