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An Advaita forum focusing on Realisation, enlightenment, non-duality, Real Love, peace, freedom, Your original nature, abiding naturally, the Oneness, the Nothingness, and Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj.

Here, there is nothing that is believed, so there is no one here who wants you to believe anything, either. Here, the invitation is to be free of all that you have been programmed, conditioned, acculturated, and domesticated to believe so that you can be free, period.

Furthermore, for those who have developed a preference for any non-nisargan yoga or who prefer Traditional Advaita Vedanta, Neo-Advaita, Neo-Vedanta, or Pseudo Advaita: here you will only find the use of the Direct Path Method of teaching along with the Nisarga (Natural) Yoga, all shared in simple, everyday English.

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Yesterday you were invited to participate in a perception exercise involving an ostrich egg, and the human body. To recap:

The invitation was to view an object against its backdrop – and to perceive the scene from the vantage point of pure understanding.

The invitation was to stabilize the view on the “emptiness” in which the object appears, and to “run” a type of time-lapse film perceiving how elements combine to create the object, how the object appears to exist temporarily, and then how the elements un-combine and the object “disappears”.

The invitation was to perceive this sense of the temporary appearance of objects in empty awareness with two different objects: an ostrich egg and a human body.

The invitation was to see that all objects are essentially empty. Beautiful or ugly, finely-crafted or mass-produced, natural or artificial, animate or inanimate – these are all descriptors of objects that are fleeting, temporary, subject to change and decay.

The invitation was to see that flowing from these reflections; it is natural and logical to ask the questions: What then is permanent? What is unchanging? What is beyond all appearances?

Your ability to participate in this perception exercise will be affected by the filters of perception described below. In a sense, you can use the exercise to “see” where you are currently located.

Body Identification: When convinced without a doubt that you are the body, it will be impossible to perceive with a vantage point that is anything other than human. The eyes you see out of will be two human eyes. There will probably be fears around death of the body. There will be fascinations with the state of the body’s physical appearance.

Mind Identification: When identified with the mind and its false concepts, it will be impossible to perceive with a vantage point that is anything other than intellectual. The view you see will be filtered through conceptual learning. There will probably be an emphasis on the greatness of the human mind and an emphasis on right ideas rather than wrong ideas. There will be a preoccupation with acquiring more knowledge and learning more concepts. Note: Many spiritual seekers are trapped at this intellectual stage, and become the spiritual scholars or pundits with no direct understanding of the concepts they expound.

Personality Identification: When identified with the personality and the false personas, it will be impossible to perceive with a vantage point that is anything other than personal or persona-driven. The view you see will be filtered through the eyes of a fictional persona and its myriad of desires and fears. There will be a pre-occupation with keeping the persona-of-the-moment intact and its desires fed and its fears assuaged. Note: With seekers, the personas are often traded up for more spiritual and refined ones. The language of the seeker will become peppered with I-statements, for example:

I do not want to give up my ability to look at a beautiful sunset and weep.
I'll take the bad in order to have the good.
To be able to relish the beauty, I will tolerate whatever ugliness comes along.

Witnessing: When viewing from the witnessing stage, it will be impossible to perceive with a vantage point of identification. The identification with the body-mind-personality construct is over. The view is clear, impersonal. The eyes are not human eyes, but the eyes of pure understanding. Note: In the book From the I to the Absolute, “floyd” describes the two stages of witnessing: subject-object witnessing and pure witnessing.

The perennial question in Advaita Vedanta is: Who Perceives. Notice that in order to perceive a filter of perception, you yourself must be beyond. In this way, the modes of perception are indicators of movement along the “path”. In reality, there is no movement. There is only perceiving clouded by filters of false understanding. The removal of each false filter allows the already pristine view to shine unobstructed.

The elimination of a particular filter of perception may imply “loss” for the identified seeker.

The body-identified seeker may be reluctant to let go of the beautiful or comfortable physical form, the sensual experiences, the physical addictions, for example to sex, drugs, alcohol, food, exercising, etc.

The mind-identified seeker may be reluctant to let go of the grand theories and ideas, the addiction to acquisition of concepts, the endless pursuit of learning.

The personality-identified seeker may be reluctant to let go of personas with their “beautiful” desires and their “shameful” fears, or perhaps the lifestyles and enjoyments bound up with them. However, the “loss” is entirely fictional. The “treasures” are hollow trinkets.

Stabilize as Yourself – be the treasure you seek.

To be continued.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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