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An Advaita Vedanta philosophy site, focusing on Realization, enlightenment, nisarga yoga, non-duality / nonduality, your original nature, dwelling as your natural state, and the teachings of Maharaj.

FROM SITE VISITOR MAC IS ST. LOUIS: Good morning, "f." It was noticed that a test is available [for personality typing]. Is a credit card number all that is needed? That was not seen on the order form. [A therapist] was asked for enneagram experts in St Louis and the answer was that you are very good in that regard. “mac”

F.: Several have written lately who finally see that they must first understand their specific personality type and it influences on thoughts and words and deeds if they are to be aware of personality’s subconscious impacts which they would be free of. (An offer will be listed at the end of this post which can provide information about your specific personality type and its impact, for any who might be interested.)

Also, some have written to reveal that they were sure they had Realized Fully but became concerned after they had “experienced” irritability and reaction around certain relative issues. More likely, enlightenment happened, but enlightenment is not the end of the “path.” It is just a happening along the way. (A second offer will be provided at the end of the post for those interested in a one-on-one Advaita session that can be arranged without even having to leave your home).

Now, how can enlightenment happen without full Realization also happening? A person might enter a room that is semi-dark. Under those conditions, a rope can be mistaken for a snake. Enlightenment—that is, turning on a light and being able to see that it was a rope that was mistaken for a snake—does not guarantee that the observer will also be aware that the snake and the rope are one.

Further understandings are required, even after enlightenment, if the peace of dwelling as your natural state is to occur. In the meanwhile, AS IF LIVING can happen. In the glossary of terms in the back of the book FROM THE I TO THE ABSOLUTE, the following is offered in regards to AS IF Living:

AS IF Living: The style of living that the Realized exhibit, seemingly living like persons but without persons’ attachments, delusions, and emotional intoxication; the manner in which the Realized “finish out” the manifestation, meeting “responsibilities” and providing for the space while knowing full well that “this world” is nothing more than an imagining in the distorted perceptions of persons;

[furthermore, this is offered about AS IF LIVING]: a lifestyle that is unencumbered with attachment and emotional intoxication and belief in the lies of the culture; a lifestyle free of game playing and image perpetuation; a lifestyle unmarred by the emotions and emotional intoxication experienced by persons; a lifestyle during which the Realized can witness feelings rise and fall without any emotional intoxication, reacting, over-reacting, or setting off a chain of reactions (as happens with persons); a lifestyle free of the misery that is generated by the desires / fears of personas.

While functioning in an “as if fashion,” the consciousness can register feelings but will not register emotions and emotional intoxication (such intoxication being limited to the domain of ego-states). As mentioned to Ginny in an e-mail yesterday, Maharaj might have appeared to some to be emotionally intoxicated when he threw out of his loft those who showed up as an ego-state and who were trapped in egotism and wanted to show off their spiritual knowledge (a.k.a., learned ignorance).

But anyone observing one of those happening was seeing something that involved “maharaj” and were not seeing the True Self—the Pure Consciousness—that was being confused with “maharaj.”

Understand that as long as the consciousness is manifested, it will be in motion, and as long as the consciousness is moving, it cannot be “at rest” or “at peace.” Such rest or peace only happens when even identification with the Consciousness—with the Pure Witness, with the True Self—is transcended and abidance happens as the post-self, post-Self, no concept, non-dual original nature.

Even after the consciousness is enlightened and is aware of ItSelf, there can be a period in which it is still aware of its body and its mind and in which it is also driven by personality. It is only after body and mind identification is forfeited and only after the roots and influences of personality are understood that one can become aware of the impact of personality.

One who thinks that some degree of Realization has happened, only to experience irritability and restless again and again, will never be able to abide in the unshakeable peace of one’s natural state without an understanding of one’s basic personality type that is discussed periodically on this site.

Further, seekers cannot be aware of—and then free of—the effects of personality if they are not aware of the specific personality-type "wings" that also influence their thoughts and words and deeds; moreover, they cannot be free without an awareness of the personality type to which they might be disintegrating or to which they might be integrating. Please enter the silence of contemplation.


More and more seekers are requesting an understanding of how a personality formed in childhood is still determining and controlling everything that is thought or said or done in adulthood. Others have inquired about an opportunity to speak one-on-one about the seven-step “path” to Realization.

Thus, two opportunities are being offered at a discount from now until Dec 15th:

1. PERSONALITY TYPING: For years, part of the way that “f” has paid for such basics as housing and clothing has included two methods: One is personality typing and conducting seminars in regards to the same. The other is being on-call for certain firms that retain services and want immediate response. The e-mail above from site visitor “mac” resulted in a special offer being made so he can understand ever facet of personality, can become aware of the effects, and can then begin to eliminate those effects via awareness. Here’s what is included in the package that is available for the next two months (NOTE: The service is available to international visitors but these prices are for the Continental U.S. only): (A) A copy of the personality test (B) Priority mailing of the test (C) A one-hour telephone session to discuss the results (D) the cost of the telephone conference. Cost is US$95.

2. ONE-ON-ONE SATSANG: For the next two months, a tele-conference to discuss any aspects of the Advaita teachings one-on-one will be offered. [NOTE: Rich from the U.K. completed this package last week and was able to make a low-rate international call from his home in the U.K. to the office here in the U.S. for his conference. All calls in the Continental U.S. are included in the price below. The cost covers the income that cannot be earned as a result of being unavailable for regular retainer contract income during your conference time.] Cost is US$75.

To arrange either package, visit, provide all of the information requested, and in the message box at the bottom, indicate that you want to make arrangements for the PERSONALITY TYPING, for the ONE-ON-ONE ADVAITA SESSION, or for both. Peace and Light.

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Five Free eBooks

Compliments of Andy Gugar, Jr.,
the following eBooks are available without charge for you or for friends:


The content of this eBook deals with one of the most common but erroneous beliefs that the non-Realized masses cling to and which they will fight about (and even kill over), namely, that there is a planet-wide duel going on between “the forces of good and evil” in the universe.

Either (1) the ancient view is spot on: that the "ills of the planet" are rooted in evil people, in people not being religious enough or spiritual enough, and are caused solely by bad morality; or, (2) the "ills of the planet" are rooted in ignorance, stupidity and insanity and "being good" or "being moral" does not put an end to ignorance, does not eliminate stupidity, and does not treat insanity in any way.


Comments regarding the free eBook entitled “THE VISION”:

“My thanks to you and Andy.” – Andrew “Mac” McMaster

“Thanks so much for the book! And, by the way, it is brilliant and the most effective pointing that you have done. It has served to help clear the remaining blockages.” – Stan Cross

“Greatly appreciate having “THE VISION” added to my Henderson resource library that is situated on the right side of my bed for easy access! Eternally grateful for what was received and what was given.” – Robert Rigby

“‘THE VISION’ is such a well-written, condensed version of the Nisarga Yoga approach to understanding and enjoying Reality that I feel it can serve as a must-read ‘meditation guide’ for all earnest seekers.” – Andy Gugar, Jr.

"Sapolsky, Maharaj, and the Non-Dual Teachings"

Dr. Robert Maurice Sapolsky is an American neuroendocrinologist; a professor of biology, neuroscience, and neurosurgery at Stanford University; a researcher; an author; and a Research Associate at the National Museums of Kenya.

There is much that a non-dualist or Advaitin or Nisargan can relate to by comparing and contrasting what Sapolsky reveals about the way certain troops of baboons live in Africa with the way that humans abide all around the globe.

This 152-page eBook catalogues the common, non-dual message shared by Sapolsky and Maharaj and reveals the ways that Sapolsky’s scientific research supports the non-dual pointers offered by Maharaj.


In “PART ONE” it will be seen that most persons on the planet are not seeking, and most will never seek, but for those who are seeking, most will face several obstacles:

In “PART TWO” of this book, it will be seen why many criticized Maharaj for “changing his message in his later talks.” It will be seen that the changes were not about changing the message per se as much as about changing his methodology as he experimented with one version of the Ultimate Medicine after another in order to try to find an effective means for addressing the Ultimate Sickness.

He tried a religious version of the Medicine, a Spiritual version of the Medicine, and finally settled on a version which addressed to Sickness at its core . . . at the mental and emotional level.


“Dangerous” is a term that can only apply during the relative existence, but of those who do commit suicide, for example, how many shoot themselves in the foot over and over until they “bleed out”? None. They shoot themselves in the head. Why? In order to try to stop the noise - to try to stop the chatter of a thousand monkeys – to stop the noisy mind which is the area that stores the ideas, notions, concepts, mind-stuff, etc. which drives them into the depths of insanity.

And what are those ideas, notions, concepts, etc. called, collectively? "Their beliefs." The irony? They are not their beliefs at all. They are the beliefs of “others” that were set in place via programming, conditioning, etc. and which persons then think are their own.

And what are those beliefs rooted in, and what reinforces those beliefs and convinces persons that they are sacred and worth fighting over and even sometimes worth dying for? Blind faith.

This 337-page eBook discusses those issues in detail.

To read any or all of the free eBooks, please double-click the "FREEBIES" link at the top of this page