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TIME TO REVIEW: (1) Why Most Seekers Will Never Find What They Seek but (2) How They Can, Part Three, The Conclusion

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Here, there is nothing that is believed, so there is no one here who wants you to believe anything, either. Here, the invitation is to be free of all that you have been programmed, conditioned, acculturated, and domesticated to believe so that you can be free, period.

Why One Cannot Start the Advaita Trip from the "Destination" and Why One Cannot Build the Advaita House from the Roof Down (continued)

F.: Few persons ever Realize. Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj said that only one in ten million will ever understand non-duality even intellectually, never mind become Realized. Further, 10,000,000 did not visit Maharaj alone.

To come up with a combined total of 10,000,000 seekers / visitors, one would need to count all of the visitors not only to the loft of Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj but also the visitors to Sri Ramama Maharshi, Siddharameshwar Maharaj, Swami Vivekananda, Sri Ramakrishna, Swami Sivananda, Swami Krisnananda, Sri Narayana Guru, Maharishi Mahesh Yogi, Sri H.W.L. Poonja, and all of the current big name teachers as well.

And after thirty years of taking disciples and seeing how few of them Realized, how many of 10,000,000 seekers did Maharaj estimate would understand non-duality and then Realize? One. Just one. And if he was only half right? Then two.

He did not take credit (nor did he give credit to his contemporaries) for leading masses of seekers to Realization. He did not do that, and neither did they; further, he would give even less credit to the big name teachers and authors nowadays who are offering up Non-Duality Lite, a packaging of popular concepts and marketable ideas that serves no one except themselves.

Maharaj did not "blow smoke" and brag about how many came to the loft and about how many eventually Realized as a result of time spent in his presence. To the contrary, he made clear that all across India and all across the rest of the planet as well, seekers were not Realizing in any significant matter who they were visiting or whose words they were studying.

The only significant number was the number of ones who were claiming that they had Realized, the ones who then and now have worshipped and idealized the big names of old and / or the big names now.

Gushing statements of praise and adulation regarding Maharshi or Siddharameshwar or Vivekananda who "gave me this or that" are statements of self-delusion or listener-deluding. There was no one to give and no one to receive.

Yet that does not mean that You cannot Realize. It does means that the content of a recent (July 2010) series is relevant, noting that most persons are afraid of total freedom. Yet if you would Realize, you must not end the search until you find a teacher that not only discusses the "path" but that can guide you step-by-step along the path.

So note again why one cannot start the Advaita trip from the "destination" and why one cannot build the Advaita house from the roof down:

Maharaj: “…You should go back, reverse, to the source.”

Maharaj: “Follow the same path by which you came.”

Dennis Waite: “All levels of identification must be transcended and this should be done in a controlled and stepwise manner that has been validated through millennia of teaching. Attractive though it might seem, it is not possible to jump straight to the end.” [Bold added]

Yet seekers attempt every day to start the Advaita trip from the "destination" or to build the Advaita house from the roof down. Why?

Because the egotism that drives the ego-state of "The Seeker" (who will ungrade itself via egotism to the status of "The Super Seeker") too often works like this: imagine that there is a man in San Francisco who wants tomorrow to visit New York.

He is asking you for directions. If you ask, "From where will you begin your trip to New York?" and he answers, "Why, from here in San Francisco, of course," then maybe you can show him the way.

But if you ask, "From where will you begin your trip to New York?" and he answers, "Why, from a few miles outside New York, of course; I'm fairly close to New York already," then it will not be possible for you to show him the way. He is far too lost; worse, he has no clue at all about how lost he really is.

A year ago, these additional pointers were offered that must be included in any discussion about what must be avoided on the search if one would "beat" the 1:10,000,000 odds:

A. No one will ever Realize who is attached to the concept of “hierarchies” or "ladders" or "levels" or who is attached to any ego-and-egotism-based-beliefs about “separation” and "different from" and “better than” or “worse than”;

B. No one will ever Realize who reads any set of books that is not explaining the exact steps on the “path” in the order in which they must be taken; or who reads any book that is not an explication of the exact steps on the “path” and that offers the order in which the exact steps must be taken; or who attends a retreat where there are discussions of anything other than the exact steps on the “path” and the exact order in which they must be taken.

(c) No one will ever Realize who seeks via the writings or words of the “big teachers” because those teachers have their own agenda which involves teaching concepts that appeal to the desires of the masses rather than directing seekers along a specific “path” to Realization.

In the end, Realization is not about learning more but is about unlearning all.

It is about setting aside everything you think you know about the great teachers of India and the big names of today (and, yes, even about non-duality) and beginning afresh.

It is not about seeking for decades and then finding a teacher that understands the steps on the path but then being driven by ego to believe that you need not begin at the beginning - that all of "your work and effort must count for something." (That egotistical belief delayed Realization here for another decade.)

It is not about accumulating hours and days and weeks and months and years in meetings and at retreats and in satsang, talking, talking, talking. Your journey has been long enough and arduous enough as it is. Time to walk the path and be done with it all.

It is about being free of the love of knowledge, free of spiritual workaholism, and free of anything else that is not natural. You can Realize. The questions for consideration are:

"Are you afraid of total freedom? Do you understand that its only true variety is of the 'total' variety?"

"Are you willing to set aside every belief and idea and concept you have, including also the ones you have about non-duality, Realization, enlightenment, liberation?"

"Are you ready to give up all for the joy of the nothingness, including the worship and adulation of every speck of consciousness that has been given 'greater than human' status, including the ancient sages and the self-acclaimed modern sages?"

If not, then the next question is, "WHO - what false ego-state - thinks that it has been 'made better' through association with someone or some thing...including some philosophy...some religion...some spiritual movement...some guru...some famous teacher in the past...some famous teacher in the present?"

Do those question leave a bitter taste? Then understand: the Ultimate Medicine will most likely have a bitter taste initially, but the sweetness of freedom from the Ultimate Sickness will be the end result.

Please enter the silence of contemplation.

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